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Allergies (what causes them and how to cure them)

There is a vibrational discord at the root of all ailments. Sometimes that discord shows up in the body as a sore throat, sometimes it shows up as cancer and sometimes it shows up as allergies. The person who has allergies, is a person who has been insensitive to their thoughts and emotions to such a degree that they de sensitized to the discomfort of the emotion and so, their body had to develop the sensitivity. If we have allergies, we have been stuck in negative emotion and we simultaneously believe or have believed (around the time that the allergy developed) that there is no resolution and no answer to improving those emotions. Because of this, we deny our own power. We also feel (or have felt at the time the allergy appeared) that is was not appropriate to express those emotions. The suppression of those emotions (whether it be fear, weeping, sadness, hurt or anger) builds up and builds up until it manifests through our body. If you are paying attention to your emotions to the degree that you recognize what feels good and what feels bad; and if you direct yourself towards feeling good (and thus spend your time predominantly in alignment), the adverse reactions would subside. Allergies are not about what you’re eating or what you are spending time around. It is your beliefs about the things that you are allergic to that cause the allergies. And we can believe things on a conscious level and on a subconscious level. The bottom line is if we have an allergy, we have a thought pattern that is out of alignment with whatever we are allergic to. There is always some kind of trauma or fear at the heart of whatever it is that you are allergic to. This fear or trauma can be emotional blocks in your subconscious or bad experiences that you link to the certain things that you are allergic to. A great many things can cause trauma or fear, which is why every allergy must be deal with on a case-by-case basis. There are many one size fits all remedies for symptom relief when it comes to allergies, but there is no one size fits all remedy for curing allergies. Here is what mean: I could have had a negative experience with a cat when I was a baby (in many cases so long ago that I don’t even consciously remember it) and so now, I fear them and because I fear them my body mobilizes it’s defense mechanisms to them and now, I have an allergy to them. Or, I do not believe that becoming “allowing” and “relaxing” brings things to fruition. I think that allowing and relaxing means that I will fail and be rejected by everyone for that failure. Because of this, when I am around the allowing, relaxed energy of a cat, I feel resistance towards it and that extreme level of resistance, causes my body to have an allergic reaction. Another example is: I am afraid of conflict and negative emotions and so I go to great lengths to avoid both. Sage is a neutralizing energy. It is used to neutralize conflicts and negative energies, which is why people use it to clear houses and facilitate harmonious conversations. But because it holds a vibration that confronts and neutralizes energy, I cannot harmonize with it. I want to run the other way. So now, I have developed an allergy (a vibrational incompatibility) with sage. Many children are born into families that reinforce the belief that the world is not safe. And so they develop allergies to reflect that belief in their incompatibility with the world at birth. Many of these parents who believe the world is unsafe, happen to be hyper clean. Which is why so many children that are born into overly sanitary homes develop allergies.

People in the modern world, subscribe to the Newtonian model of viewing the world as purely a mechanical, physical world. Because of this, they only like to tell the physical story behind ailments. But that is a very narrow view. It’s a bit like saying that light comes from a light bulb when the story of where light came from, started way before we got to the part that involved the light bulb. We like to tell the story that allergies are genetic, when the real story is that thought patterns are adopted and inherited by family members and our bodies react similarly to those thought patterns. This is why adopted children show the exact same likelihood to develop things like cancer despite being genetically unrelated to the families they are adopted into. Everything holds a vibration. If we do not harmonize with something, it is because that thing holds a vibration that does not resonate or harmonize with ours. It is a vibrational incompatibility. But the thing that creates that vibrational incompatibility is thoughts. You will notice that when you are thinking thoughts that are holding you out of alignment (not feeling good), you are drawn together with foods and animals and pollens and materials that you believe are out of alignment for you. When you are in alignment (feeling good), you are drawn together with foods and animals and pollens and materials that you believe are in alignment for you. For many people, it just so happens that when they are drawn together with things that they believe on a subconscious or conscious level are bad for them, the body’s natural defense mechanism (the immune system) releases histamine which triggers an inflammatory response in the body. On an energetic level, the reason the histamine reaction so often affects the bronchial tubes and lungs (the culprit in the characteristic allergy or asthma attack where someone can’t breathe), is that breath is the doorway to life. If we think life is dangerous, we don’t want to take life in. So that resistance to taking in life, manifests as the body not wanting to take in breath.
Here are some suggestions that may help you find relief from your allergies.

  1. Hydrate yourself with good water. Alkaline water, spring water or artesian well water is best. Allergies indicate that the body has increased its production of histamine. In a well-hydrated body, foreign agents that cause allergic attack are neutralized quickly without the body needing to create an exaggerated increase in histamine. Histamine is the cause of so any of those nasty allergy symptoms. Histamine activity becomes exaggerated in a dehydrated body because the toxins within the body are high. So, carry water with you all day long. On an energetic level, water holds one of the most in alignment and allowing vibrations that there is. So attuning to the vibration of water decreases your resistance and thus decreases the manifestation of allergic reaction.
  2. Try Bio-Resonance Therapy. I have had several clients with allergies who have tried this therapy and swear by it. I will warn you that the mainstream American medical community sees Bio-Resonance Therapy as pseudo science and quackery. But as you know, I have very little respect for the mainstream medical community when it comes to anything other than physical trauma. Most of the promising studies relative to Bio-Resonance Therapy have been done in Germany and other European countries. So I think it is worth a try. This therapy is used to erase the cell’s vibratory memory of a particular antigen, thus it annuls the body’s allergic response to that antigen all-together.
  3. Cleanse your liver. Your liver de-toxifies your body. A person who has allergies, is resistance to their environment, they feel that they need to defend themselves against it. The manifestation of that defense reaction is an overactive immune system. An over active immune system, leads to allergies and allergy attacks. Your liver is a crucial component to the function of your immune system. Improving your liver will help your immune system to balance itself out so the immune system can function without creating an exaggerated histamine reaction. Allergies are one of the main reasons that people do liver cleanses. Most of you know that my favorite liver cleanse yet is offered by Andreas Moritz. It is called the amazing liver and gall bladder flush. It is important to do a liver cleanse exactly in accordance with the directions. Liver flushes can be likened to internal surgery without the use of a knife. And the liver cleanses needs to be done month after month until no intrahepatic stones remain. Cleansing your liver is like changing a pool filter that has been in place for over twenty years years. You cannot imagine the amount of ailments that can be cleared up by liver cleanses.
  4. Burn 100% beeswax candles. Some people choose to burn them in their homes throughout the entire day. Here’s the theory as to why it works; burning beeswax produces negative ions. Negative ions purify the air. Airborne particles are attracted to the negatively charged electrode in a similar way that static electricity causes things to stick together. They then seek an earth conductor such as walls, floors or ceilings and cease to float around in the air. Most beeswax candles contain only half beeswax and the rest is a toxin called paraffin wax. So, remember that these candles must be 100% beeswax.
  5. Cut milk, wheat (especially white flour) and meats (especially red meat) out of your diet. Eating foods that are not designed for human consumption stimulates your immune system to protect itself. Your body perceives these foods as a threat to homeostasis and so your body becomes inflamed. The immune system is put into hyperactive mode. When it is in this hyper active mode, you are especially prone to developing an exaggerated histamine response relative to all kinds of things such as pollen, animal dander, grasses, and other foods.
  6. Use Neti pots daily. Irrigate your sinuses with salt water and gargle with salt water. This dislodges the irritants that may be causing upper respiratory allergy symptoms. And it prevents inflammation that is caused by those irritants
  7. Drink peppermint tea and Green tea. This is one of the oldest remedies for allergies. These teas act as a detoxifier, an anti inflammatory and decongestant.
  8. Eat honey produced by bees in your region. This is especially helpful if you have seasonal allergies or pollen allergies. The bees transfer pollen from flower blossoms to honey. Honey is full of enzymes, which help you to metabolize the pollen inside the honey; so if you eat a little honey every day you'll gradually become inoculated against the irritating effects of pollens in your area.
  9. Use colloidal oatmeal for skin irritations caused by allergens. This remedy is particularly good for hives. It doesn’t only sooth skin, it also protects it from irritants. The chemicals found in oats reduce the skin inflammation caused by allergens.
  10. Use cold potato slices for swollen, puffy eyes. Slice raw potato and lay one slice over each of your eyes for a few minutes. This decreases swelling and tightens the skin around your eyes.
  11. Don’t just accept the surface, physical explanation for what you’re allergic to. Do a little digging to find out what it is that you’re resistant to about what you’re allergic to. Learn everything about what you are allergic to. Look for your trauma or your fear relative to that thing. Then, release resistance to that thing. Transform those painful feeling thoughts the same way you would any other thought. Question the thoughts. Reverse the thoughts. Change the thoughts.
    I will demonstrate what I discovered when I dug deeper relative to my own allergy to cilantro. I hate cilantro. It tastes like industrial cleaner. When I was young I often accompanied my childhood abuser to slaughterhouses. Part of his job was to bring old animals from the dairy farms to the slaughterhouse. The slaughterhouses are infamous for hiring illegal immigrants and in the area where I grew up; illegal immigrants are almost entirely Mexican. I did not understand at that young age that the slaughterhouse jobs were the only ones that would hire these men who were “illegal”. I had a deeply intense connection to animals and all I knew was that as I opened the door to the slaughterhouse, I was starting at a football field long line of Mexican men hacking up pieced of cow, with blood covering their white aprons. The sight traumatized me and I thought that all Mexicans must be the most barbaric, terrible kind of people. It did not help that later in my teen years, many of the more sexually aggressive men made sexual advances towards me while covered in all of that meat packing plant gore. Cilantro was not something that we ate in our home. The first time I ate cilantro, my mother had taken me unwillingly to a Mexican restaurant. I associated cilantro with Mexicans and I associated Mexicans with the feeling of standing there in front of that line up of men covered in blood, slaughtering and carving up cows. The aversion developed into an allergy. On top of the terrible taste, my mouth swells up and tingles, my throat itches and my gums get irritated. My body tries to protect itself from the cilantro by creating an immune response. But that “I have to protect myself” reaction is not in response to the actual food, it’s in response to the association I have with the food.
  12. At the core of allergies is a belief that there are good things and bad things. If you were to see the food or animal or pollen or material from the perspective of source (which holds only pure positive focus towards all things in existence), you would move the vibration relative to that thing into a different space. On a practical level, this means if you know that you have an allergy to something, improve the way you are thinking about it. This doesn’t mean run out and expose yourself to that thing. It just means that the more positive you feel towards that thing, the less your body will react to that thing with an attitude of needing to defend itself against it. And remember that once you have it in your mind that you have an allergy, your aversion to that thing and negative focus towards that thing gets stronger. In other words, the fear gets worse and then, the allergy gets worse. Think more good feeling, empowered thoughts about allergies in general and about whatever you think you are allergic to and your condition will not only improve, it could disappear entirely.


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