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Action, A Necessary Ingredient of Manifestation

Desire is something that springs forth from life experience. You don’t even have to think about it. It happens on both a subconscious and conscious level. When a desire is born within us, we want to see it manifest. This is a big part of physical life… The conscious creation and subsequent physical manifestation of whatever it is that you are wanting.

The process of manifestation takes place on both a non-physical and physical level. It is an energetic, mental, emotional and one could say ‘vibrational’ process. It is also a physical, embodied process. But so many people forget how important the physical element of manifestation is. They forget how critical action is. They forget that action is what they came specifically to the physical earthly plane to partake in.

Something very important to understand about life is that it doesn’t matter how much information you have, if you don’t apply it. It doesn’t matter how much mental and emotional processing you do, if you never make a change. It doesn’t matter how much you want something, if you never take action towards what you want.

So many people fall into the trap of using spiritual practice (and even mental and emotional self-development) to separate further from, and even escape from, their physical life; rather than to use spirituality (and mental and emotional self-development) to further connect with and enhance their physical life. So many people fall into the trap of learning more and more and more. And doing more and more mental/emotional and spiritual processes. They imagine that what they want will somehow spontaneously appear on their doorstep. That it will require no change, movement or action on their part. But this erases one of the main purposes of being physically incarnated. Unless you are in resistance to being physically incarnated, to changing, to moving and to taking action; changing, moving and taking action is part of the thrill and joy of physical life itself. By learning things, by becoming more aware, by mentally and emotionally focusing on what you want so as to pull yourself energetically into alignment with it, you are making it so that all the necessary people, places, things, circumstances, resources and events that are ingredients for what you want, will converge with you. But you still need to take action. You need to allow the non-physical things you are doing to compel you into taking action to bring about and actualize what you are wanting.

It doesn’t matter if you know that you need exercise and that exercise is critical for your physical, mental and emotional health, if you keep coming up with excuses to not actually take action and exercise. It doesn’t matter if you want a romantic relationship and keep doing visualizations in order to manifest one, if you commit all your action to working from home and watching TV series in your apartment. It doesn’t matter if you do all the shadow work in the world to realize that your parents acted, and still act, in a way that is counterproductive to your progression, if you keep living with them, in their home. It doesn’t matter if you want to be financially free and learn all about finances and know that you have to start to save up and spend your money on things that make you money, if you keep piling up stuff you don’t need in your house and living from pay check to paycheck. It doesn’t matter if you read every book there is to read and watch every tutorial there is to watch on surfing, if you never go to the ocean, rent a surfboard and paddle out to get on an actual wave. Your physical actions must align with what you are wanting, in order for manifestation to be assisted by you instead of prevented by you.

If you are unwilling to actually physical do something such as change, move or take action, you are resisting the process of physical manifestation. You’re making it that much harder for the universe to bring you together with those ingredients that make up the recipe of the manifestation of what you are wanting. You’re also making it hard for the universe to bring you to others for whom you could be an ingredient for the actualization of their desires. Action is meant to naturally arise as a byproduct of gaining information or a change in perception. But sometimes, when a person is in resistance to taking action, it doesn’t. And what most people don’t know is that this will make your life worse, not better.

It is a common assumption to make that the more you know, the better your life will get. And the more mental and emotional healing you do, the better your life will get. But this is often not the case. If you don’t want to physically change anything and if you plan on not taking action, avoid awareness. Avoid mental and emotional processing. And avoid focusing on what you are wanting. Instead, focus positively on what is. The reason I say this is because without action, all these things will make your life worse, not better.

For example, imagine that there is a woman who is in an abusive relationship. If she gains more awareness, she will become aware of just how abusive her environment is. If she starts to heal on a mental and emotional level, she will become more and more aware of what her needs actually are. If she focuses on what she wants (a safe relationship) the distance between where she is and what she wants will get bigger. If she takes no physical action to change the relationship or to exit it in search of a new one, being in it, and it staying the same, will get more and more painful. She will feel more and more unsafe, more and more deprived of her needs and emotionally worse and worse because the gap between herself and what she is wanting will grow and grow. Until she reaches a point of total desperation. It is critical to understand that if you do not take actual physical action based off of the things you learn, the awareness you gain, and emotional and mental healing that you do, your life will get worse, not better. All the forces that be, will be pulling you in the direction of what you want, like an unassailable current, and you will be turned against it. This is what suffering is all about. Suffering only occurs when you desire something else, but for one reason or another, you are staying and holding yourself in the ‘way it is’. In the ‘unwanted’. To prevent your own expansion in this way, is to invite the escalation of your own pain.

Hearing all of this, it may benefit you to think about what you want and to ask yourself the question, what is in the way of me taking action? One of the main reasons that people don’t take action is that they fear making a change. This is so often the case when you need to take action (and you may even know what to do) but you can’t seem to make yourself do it. If you think it would benefit you to understand this more in-depth, watch my video titled: The Real Reason Why People Don’t Change. A common excuse that people give for not taking action, is that they don’t know what action to take. When this is the case, know that there is no one right action to take. You are not being tested by the universe in terms of your ability to take the right action step. People often think there is some ‘miracle action’ that will bring about what they want and they have to know what that miracle action is, before taking any action. This is not true. No such thing exists. There is no magic way, even though every way is magic. What there is, is steps. And anyone who brought about anything through action, must take those steps that are unique to their own path of achievement. Don’t be passive to finding out what action you could take. Consult people who might have a better idea of action steps you can take. Become an expert on what action steps the people who already have what you want, have taken before in order to get themselves to where they are today. And should you ever come to an action step that no one has ever taken before, don’t be afraid to be a pioneer. With any step, there has to be a person who was the first to ever take it. That person might just be you. And no matter what resistance stands in the way of you specifically taking action, it is important to genuinely resolve that resistance. Because if you do not take action, you will be starved of results.

To wait for what you want to happen to you is a passive and powerless way to exist. It is not how you meant to come here and exist. Knowledge is power, but that power is useless if you don’t translate it to action. Motivation is useless unless you take action on it. Act on what you come to know! Act to bring about what you want! After all, in the physical, knowledge without application is incomplete. Visualization without action is incomplete. It is like an inbreath without an outbreath.


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