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11:11 What does it mean?

If you have begun to venture onto the path of spirituality and self-growth, chances are you have started to experience a serious increase in synchronicities.  At this point you may still be telling yourself that these are strange coincidences that are happening at such a rate now that you are starting to wonder whether there might just be something bigger happening in the universe than meets the eye.  One of these coincidences is that you are starting to notice that numbers are repeating themselves. You are seeing them everywhere. You have noticed that something strange keeps happening relative to the numbers associated with time. At ‘random’ times, you see the number 11:11.  You look at the clock and so often the time is 11:11. What the hell does this synchronicity mean?

The truth you will become more and more aware of is that yes, there is something bigger to the universe than meets the eye.  Something that you would do well to understand is that everything in this universe is interconnected and is therefore responding to one another…  You are constantly being communicated with by the universe at large. So what does it mean that you keep seeing 11:11?

11:11 is known as the ‘lightbearer’.  11 is the first of the master numbers and holds the same vibration as the angelic realms.  11 is the most intuitive number of all. And when it is repeated, this is intensified. You can see 11:11 as the ultimate confirmation number.  It is akin to a universal YES. It means you are on the path of awakening and the path you intended before this life at this very moment and the thing you are thinking, saying or doing is confirmed by the universe at large.  11:11 is the link between polarities. Polarities such as physicality and non-physicality, mortal and immortal, earthly and divine, darkness and light, knowledge and ignorance.

11:11 is an indication that your guides and angelic beings are there and that you are in alignment with them and therefore your own path.  It is a wakeup call to see yourself as a divine aspect of the universe who has the potential therefore to be a master of this time space reality.  You have the potential and opportunity to be a conscious manifestation of the divine, who creates his or her own reality in harmony with the intentions of the greater universe. Oneness is the reality of this universe.  And that includes you. the question is can you feel it?

When you see the number 11:11 you must pay very close attention to what you were thinking at the moment or just before the moment that you saw the number.  It is a confirmation of what you thought as well as a reminder that you create with thought. Thought manipulates energy for manifestation and the thought you just thought is right on the brink of manifestation so make sure that it is in alignment with what you want to create.  What do you want to manifest?

11:11 is a reminder that you are a divine part of the universe and as such, it is also a wake up call out of the hypnosis of the physical dimension to remind you that both you and the big picture of life on earth is more than just the physical day-to-day life.  Remember who you really are. Remember the big picture.

11:11 is an indication also that a doorway has opened between the higher dimensional planes and physical time space reality.  This makes it a doorway for manifestation of thought and intention into physical. Therefore it holds a similar vibration to a shooting star. You can set an intention or make a wish at the moment you see this number and consider it granted.  Positive divine intervention/assistance is given.

11:11 is also the ultimate channeling number.  Because it is like a doorway between the physical and non-physical reality, when you see it, it means that you are in the perfect position to channel or receive intuition or guidance.  It is a sign of increased awareness or the opportunity for awareness. This is why it is called the light bearer number. It is a number indicating that at this moment, angelic or light beings are either saying yes or are ready to deliver you something you are needing to know or help you to do something you need to do or get something you wish to attain. It is an incredibly auspicious sign.   

If you pay attention to the synchronicities around you, including numbers like 11:11, you can use them as sign posts guiding you through the universe.  You can receive them and recognize them as messages from the universe at large and any beings that may be assisting you within the universe. The universe is taking to you at all moments of the day, the question is, are you watching and are you listening?


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