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A great many teachers and guides would have you disconnect from the consensus and try to manipulate the Law Of Mirroring (often called the Law Of Attraction) so as to create your own reality. This is only beneficial so far as to get you back to your knowing that you are a conscious creator. And so far as it puts you back in touch with your personal power. If you take it further than this, this way of thinking will cause you to become trapped in a narcissistic bubble reality, disconnected from others and disconnected from the awareness of your influence and impact on them. The real task of awakening is to awaken to the fact that you are a conscious creator and therefore have incredible power over the co-creative experience here. The real task is to recognize all the “other” things in this construct as parts of yourself. The real task is to commit to using your creative capacities and your power to positively influence and positively impact everything you come into contact with in this consensus reality. The real task is to master relationship so as to intentionally integrate with all other things in this time space reality. Doing so, is what causes the collective reflection to change.

" - Teal Swan


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