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"How Well Do You Know How To Approach A Crisis" Quiz

A Crisis is defined as a time of extreme difficulty, uncertainty or danger.

It is a time when very critical, important and usually difficult decisions must be made.

Find out how well prepared YOU are to handle a crisis.

Takes less than 10 minutes.
Answer as well as you know,
your results are for you only. This is a judgement-free quiz that is meant to be fun!
*Our quiz is intended to be fun and educational, and may help increase your awareness on self-loving experiences in your life. It is not by itself a tool for diagnosing any type of health or mental health condition. The quiz on should not be understood as providing any type of diagnosis or healthcare recommendation. In the view of this site, self-administered psychological screening tests may help to enhance self-awareness of one’s own experiences, but cannot give any well-informed recommendation about what should be done about those experiences. In other words, by asking about particular experiences, a psychological test may simply help highlight elements of those experiences. Having those experiences highlighted may offer you an opportunity to reflect on them, or to consider their relevance in a broader life context. What an individual chooses to do with the results of our test, is a matter for the individual and should not be dictated by the test itself.

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