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Teal’s Ancestral Healing Meditation
This meditative journey takes you through a powerful process of clearing negative ancestral pain and patterns as well as through the process of owning positive ancestral traits and strengths. It's designed to put you back in contact with your ancestry, so that this re-connection and the relationship that follows can greatly benefit your family line and also your life in the here and now
A Heritage Frequency Painting to Download

Teal's Frequency Paintings are quite special because no matter in which way you're exposed to them, you begin to entrain with the energy of the frequency that has been painting. Teal's Heritage Frequency aligns you to the vibration of human generational progression, which is what this challenge is all about! Try setting your phone wallpaper to this image for the duration of this challenge.
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The quests were impactful. The history part was helpful to see where the lack of ability to work through traumas originates from and the letter was helpful to realize some deep fears of rejection in me about my family! - Erika S.
I realized how disconnected I make myself, because I live in another country and it is way too painful to feel my family as a part of me. And so I disown many things related to them and that is unbearable. So I changed that with Resilient Roots. It opened many doors for me internally. - Karolina S.
10/10 would recommend this challenge to others looking to heal their pain and feel more connected to the ancestors they haven’t even met. I feel like there is an honor restored and I don’t feel so weighed down by the wounds I was carrying. - Charlie L.
Unveil the wonders encoded in the very essence of your DNA
Almost all of us push away our ancestry in some way or hold ourselves apart from it by rejecting it in some way.
We all have very different and very valid reasons for doing so.

But ultimately, the underlying reason beneath all those motives is that we feel rejecting them serves us in some way.

Some aspects of ourselves that may resist others stem from protector parts within us. At times, we might mistakenly believe that denying, suppressing, or rejecting what we perceive as unwanted is the path to achieving what we truly desire.

This includes unwanted things that relate to our ancestry.

But it doesn’t actually serve us at all to be doing this.

It ensnares us IN the very ancestral patterns we don’t want to perpetuate.

It holds us apart from integration with our ancestry and therefore, apart from the ability to take positive ownership of our family line and actually change things for the better.

It prevents us from tapping into the positive resources inherent in whatever or whoever we are rejecting.

The good news is that in order to become more acquainted with and resolve what we might be carrying in terms of ancestral trauma or patterning, all we need to do is to cultivate self awareness.
This challenge is a great place to begin the journey.
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  • Q: What are the prerequisites for joining this challenge?
    A: There aren't any! If you have any part of you that desires to improve your relationship with yourself then that's all you need.
  • Q: I’m not sure if this challenge will benefit me. How will I know?
    A: You can sign up, explore the free quest kit, try it out and see if it's for you. You can also join and support others in their journey rather than partaking yourself.
  • Q: Can I invite my friends to this challenge?
    A: Yes, it's completely FREE for anyone to join. Anyone can participate and join the online community of other participants going through the quests along with you.
  • Q: What if I have no relationship with my biological family? Will this still benefit me?
    A: Absolutely! The benefits extend to everyone, regardless of your connection with your biological family. The challenge is designed to delve into the depths of your very own DNA, where you can uncover and address any detrimental personal patterns linked to ancestral trauma and inherited relationship behaviors. This self-discovery process will lead to positive transformations and healing for your overall well-being.
  • Q: What if my schedule is busy, will I lose access if I can’t complete it in 5 days?
    A: Your access to the free challenge will not expire! Feel free to dive right into it, or take it at your own pace. It gets to work along with your schedule.
  • Q: What if I have more questions?
    A: Feel free to contact us at
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