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  1. Courtney

    Iv alway had a strong spritual side but Iv neglected my emotion side and these last few days have been intense emotions wise, they are all bubbling to the surface things Iv only ever halfheartedly delt with, my intuition is telling me is time to work finally work on my past emotional pain and go forward, it's like I can feel something big happening to
  2. Courtney

    @Olga-p Manuka honey sounds awesome I'm always looking at it in the supermarket but never pay it coz of the price but then again it's cheaper than buying cosmetics for the skin we are lucky here in NZ it's probably a bit cheaper you have convinced me to finally buy some
  3. Courtney

    Thanks ladies I love avocados and they are about to come into season again soon, they are so expensive at moment over $5 a avocado ppl have been !!!!! them from the orchards and selling them on the black market here crazy times people are avocado crazy hahah
  4. Courtney

    What is the best way to nuture your Intune child? my daughter is very Intune ever since she was born really she is 3 now. she tells me my mother who passed 1.5 years ago visits her most nights and give me lil messages from her, even in the day time when it's quite I see her tuning in, she has a amazing memory remembering things from when she was only a few months old. when Iv had readings they tell me how Intune she is, she ultra sensitive to noise, and struggles in large groups and busy environments which wasn't good when I use to send her to preschool she hated it, so far I just deal with it by acknowledging what she is saying and being a calming energy when she is overwhelmed, but unsure how to nuture her gift and not suppress it as I don't want to put thoughts in her head either I want her gift to be authentically hers and her to create her own beliefs and experiences
  5. Courtney

    I watch something on a practice called "drawing down the moon" it's kinda when you absorb all the moons energy and I did it on a full moon and felt amazing the next day
  6. Courtney

    @Ana thank you all very good pieces of advice ?
  7. Courtney

    Hey this is a random questions, do you ladies or gents have anything amazing you use on your skin or something you eat for your skin I hate putting to much on my skin, with all the chemicals and things these days my skin start to feel very heavy easily, All I use currently is cold pressed organic grape seed oil, which works amazing and I don't get pimples like I use to but I feel like I need something else, I almost feel like it needs to be from the inside out something skin nourishing to eat maybe thank you
  8. Courtney

    @Bjork this happened to my lapis lazuli ring I had to, I bought it about ten years ago I wore it everyday then it went missing for about 3 years and I found it again about 3 months ago and have worn it everyday
  9. Courtney

    @Damian the one time I tried physcedelics was intense and Probably wouldn't do it again, but at the same time amazing I fulling went into a zone of no time and space and now have a awesome understanding of that's what's it's like in other realms, that was one of my most beautiful experiences ever
  10. Courtney

    Ooooo I just remember my girl I use to watch it all the time it was so sad
  11. Courtney

    Thank you so much @Stephanie Wintermute Every thing you said really makes sense, when it all unfolds it will be so exciting ☺️
  12. My walk yesterday, this waterfall is only a five minute drive from the centre city, it was so noisey yesterday after all the rain it's even more beautiful on a sunny day 



    1. Courtney


      Aww I don't think my waterfall vid is working here a pic 


    2. Stephanie Wintermute

      Stephanie Wintermute

      Wow. Mad jelly of all your views! I'll have to take some pics when I walk next. ;) 

  13. Courtney

    Aaahhhn all this can be so exhausting ? I left my job in Jan which was very well paying easy money operating machines but the enegry of the place would drain me, I tried every way to make it work all the light work and positive vibes and self protection but to no avail that's in it self was so draining, so 6 month on I'm still stuck no operunity has shown its self, in saying that I have a two and three year old to focus on they take up most of my day, I'd love to get into sewing/fashion and have a sewing room right here, but so time poor, my daughter starts kindy next week and I'm feeling something is waiting for me in just Afew steps
  14. Courtney

    That would be awesome @Hope_vZ how many from Dunedin are on here or is it just us?
  15. And the ones I wear, onyx, lapis lazuli and my harmony ball necklace has a tiny bit of moonstone at the top