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  1. Ryplea Waters

    Mulberry Cobbler

    Love everything here / in this video. Also, I must say that the way Teal walks is mesmerizing. ?
  2. It's amazing....* - * It's amazing....* - *
  3. Ryplea Waters

    We're Our Parents

    The change in Blake is definitely noticeable!
  4. Just as a side note Teal, you look like a straight up goddess.❤
  5. Ryplea Waters


    Yes! More ghost stories!!
  6. Ryplea Waters


    Thank you!!
  7. Hello Teal Team, This is an unusual request, but can you tell me which workshop it was in which there was a girl lined up to be murdered, and had dreams about it? Teal posted a snapshot of it on her Instagram story once I think. I'm having dreams about being murdered, or nearly murdered/raped, and it's scaring me. Please help.
  8. Ryplea Waters

    Are You Ready?

    Oh my God, Teal. This video gave me tingles all over my body, I think. Especially around my heart chakra area?--on my back. This is such a powerful message, and really has made me that much more...mm...loyal? Or...it's made me trust and believe in you and your mission that much more. You are an absolute hero.
  9. Ryplea Waters

    Peak Narcissism

    ????????? You're a hero..
  10. Thank you for sharing all of this, Teal. While reading this, I couldn't help but notice my own resistance to the lives of wealthy people. I think I feel hatred at the thought that they need compassion as well, and that they suffer as well. It's just interesting I suppose, because I think I've been in a very similar position--as the people in retirement I suppose. Except poor. Lol. I'm so envious.
  11. Thank you guys!!! Thank you Teal ??
  12. Ryplea Waters

    Scariest Movie

    Just had to say...Teal looks so beautiful..
  13. Ryplea Waters

    Toxic Masculinity

    ? Thank you Teal ?
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