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    I can’t wait for this cookbook! I’m intrigued!
  2. It's title is "financial abundance meditation" it should be listed with the rest of the meditations and can be downloaded to the gum road app on my iPhone, when you purchase it, it should come up in your email to download. hope this helps, the meditation sure does! I'm loving that so many topics follow what I'm experiencing or what people close to me are experiencing. I love becoming aware of global consciousness, it fascinates me!
  3. Something else is driving my train, I don't have to think about it, I'm just doing things I wouldn't normally think to do. The weather is very different this year as well. It probably started in november, learned about plant based eating and that led me to your YouTube videos through infinite waters (Ralph is easy to watch ?). Exercise is easier, I've been trying to connect with source to get more reps in and seem to heal faster lol. Now I keep getting your voice in my head throughout the day. It's nice to have a positive influence in there besides my own. If you ever have room for someone to offer spa treatments I wouldn't mind my train going to Costa Rica ?
  4. I don't need to personally know you to already see the peace you bring to people's lives. That being said, embrace that bullshit! Call the paparazzi! It's still attention and media exposure, let them show people how ridiculous they behave. Let them be the source of ridicule. Also, think of it as cleaning your slate and allowing room for stronger people to stand by your side and support you. If you build it, they will come and you built it, so they're coming! You got this!
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