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  1. GypsySoul

    Are You Ready?

    I feel you Teal! I'm with you ALL THE WAY. Solutions Revolution! Dark and Light Unite! Genuine healing and revolution! Not escapism positivity. Let's make a world we don't have to cope with! Love Loves! Stephanie Meyer
  2. GypsySoul

    Past Life Trauma

    It’s makes sense now that past life regression always seemed like a waste of time to me.
  3. GypsySoul

    The Female Split

    The male split video was Shadow Masculine versus Divine Masculine. The men who don't want the "traditional role" are usually the hippy guys that don't take responsibility and mistake it for freedom. But Teal showed us Divine Masculine, the already integrated man, who takes responsibility and ownership of everything. Next time I would like her to redo the female split and show us the already integrated Divine Feminine. The one who guides with insight, intuition, and inspiration. The one who Heals, and leads everyone back into their hearts. She was not channeled in the female split video.
  4. The sky feels like Mother Sky at Night
  5. The old belief system is being destroyed and primed for rebirth. It’s LONG overdue. Much love! Stephanie M
  6. I remember meeting you in Santa Fe on your birthday, the day before your workshop. It felt like such a magical enigmatic town. And no coincidence you were born here. Much love
  7. GypsySoul

    Scariest Movie

    Holy shit, The Ring was the most terrifying movie of all time. and it reminds me of an eclipse
  8. GypsySoul

    Happy Birthday

    Awe, I was there for your birthday in Santa Fe 2013 workshop. We were at your art showing at the hotel. Then they brought you a vegan, gluten-free, sugar free cake. It was cute.
  9. GypsySoul

    Arches National Park

    I've been to Monument Valley. One of the most incredible places I have ever visited.
  10. IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD!!! We expect women to hold to weight of the world on her shoulders, and look good while doing it, smiling and never complaining. Then she is called weak and a cunt when she fails or complains. We put mom under INTOLERABLE conditions, then we wonder why she goes crazy!!!
  11. Speaking of Motherhood.... Darkness is what I call The Grand Cosmic Mother. If Darkness gave birth to Light, then Darkness is the Mother of Light, Creator of The Sun. Darkness is the original Mother Mary, and the immaculate conception and virgin birth was originally the story of darkness making light. But we shun darkness and worship light. Patriarchal society tells us that women are secondary to men, like the Earth and Moon, revolving around The (male) Sun. And darkness is evil nothingness. I could not think of a more brilliant lie, and a more perfect excuse to masculinize god. No wonder everything is backwards. I dream of a world, where darkness is celebrated as the creator of light. Where women are seen as primary creators, not secondary receivers. She is seen as the reason light exists in the first place. And men protect and support the life process, rather then exploit and profit from her labor
  12. Happy future birthday/ Connection Day! I remember meeting you in Santa Fe for a workshop on that day in 2013.
  13. I remember when I was in the psych ward as a teenager, and the doctor said my diag-nonsense was "you have a little bit of everything". My friend told me... "It means you are normal." HA! Well rounded in the emotional realm. They could fuck my brain with chemicals... but they couldn't change my mind. I made it out of that hell hole partially alive. And learning to feel revives me everyday Much love, Stephanie Meyer
  14. I excel in the mental and spiritual realms... also with verbal communication. That is why I too, feel like a sports player who has been "benched" because both my children are under the age of 5. I can't wait until they turn 8! But I'll try to cherish the baby phase while it lasts. Winter looks like a precious pixie elf. I bet he will remain super advanced in the spiritual realm, even as an adult Love, Stephanie Meyer
  15. When I see black people, I feel honor and admiration. I feel that darkness is what gave birth to light. But I have some healing to do with regards to Hispanic men and sexual aggression
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