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    You've brought to light the future me. It's a dark shadow. I hope it doesn't mean I'll be in a bad place. And if it counts for anything. I don't envy your position as a teacher in actually really thankful. You're like the teacher I never had. You understand what it's like to not want to smile. #reallifemoment
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    That's awesome
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    Hello, I have found that during meditations and calm moments I find myself following lights and feeling spirits. I was wondering if anyone else would like to elaborate an experience. Examples are for me, a double thumbed up right hamsa hand that morphed to a lotus flower then back to hands. A little light that has silk like light projections that flurry about. Angels, spirits that feel like family and old pets, and even dark shadows of people. Sometimes a tornado of light comes off me during prayer. Interested in everyone's insight to the subject. Much loves (: