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    Transpersonal So, I just passed my exams of study on a foundation course as a counselling and psychotherapy practitioner. The last element of this course was Transpersonal psychology. It was my favourite aspect of the course. The other modalities of Existential, person centered , Gestalt , Psychodynamic ,transactional analysis , psychosexual couples counselling and attachment theory all have their place and I will use them in an intergrative way , with best fit for client : however for me Transpersonal is the way forward as it resonates with me. I love Teals Shadow work book , and I’m aiming on attending and becoming qualified as a completion process practitioner, I want to pass training , and contribute to classes as a therapist at Philia retreat in Costa Rica. I sent out an intention a few years ago , and asked show me how Teal and I are connected. The very next day I received my answer. By chance , Teal posted a picture on her profile , of a big jolly orange robed laughing Buddha , an image that I had used on my private web site a week earlier. ( unseen by Teal as we are not Facebook friends ) Confirmation enough that I’m in tune with the cosmos and greater good for my personal development and expansion of our counsiousness as a whole nation . We just need to keep our minds open and hearts as free as we can , and aim for a better place to live and share . For ourselves, our animal brothers and sisters, for the world counsiousness to raise a notch , and make it better for the next generation . Look after the planet and oceans ;stop non degradable plastics in any small way we can ( pasta made drinks straws that biodegrade quickly and are cheap to procuce. The earths lungs of trees in the Amazon, must be continually monitored and committedly replaced by the giant corporations who fell them and make profit from it . peace love and light 💡 x
  2. Claire1

    A family dynamic can be a confusing mine field.. I think parents mostly try to do their best, with the knowledge and social experience that they have , however some unconsciously use methods they learnt from their own up bringing ( being spanked or hit with a cain as punishment by headmaster in school , or verbally belittled by a domineeringteacher or parent ) as the norm for modern parenting .Education and social standing can play a part in this. If verbal aggression or physical punishment is used to reach a solution and it is the family’s only known way, this it abuse. it can feel overwhelming to try and be the peace keeper.. the one who says , hey , this behaviour isn’t acceptable . let’s look at this issue from both persons perspective, in a calm way and talk about it. ( not easy to do when everyone else is shouting in an emotive way) Some people have default to certain vocabulary to express their pain , and maybe to them it’s normal? But it doesn’t have to be your normal .
  3. Claire1

    Darling girl. Your higher self is with you always. It’s your best version of yourself. But life constraints can prohibit you from allowing this . You need to let your experiences and tried methods take time to bed in . This new level of counsiousness is gonna take time getting used to ? You can do meditations to connect with your spirit guide , if you like , meditation is a relaxing way to remove stress and pressure from yourself.. allow this journey to unfold, dont be in such a hurry .? There is no scripted right or wrong way into spiritually connecting with your higher self. You are on the right path by accepting the concept of your higher self .. look for patterns , coincidences , numeral timings ( 11:11 or 12:12 on a clock for example ) or just simply noticing when a guide is nearby , with its own personal symbology for you . Mine is a white feather falling near me , to tell me I’m on the right path. For others , a red robin bird affirms a loved one in spirit is nearby . Be congruent with yourself and how you live your life and all things that are meant for you will fall into place. I had my connection with my higher self , when I was relaxed , not expecting it , I was not drinking alcohol or smoking at the time , but I ate meat so not a vegan . But I’m told the purest version of yourself aids in the connection. So maybe vegan is best ? Also , trauma can bring on this higher level connection , so spirit willing, you dont have emotional trauma ... enlightenment and connection doesn’t have to be a ‘profound ‘ experience. Appreciating beauty , taking a moment to really look at your surroundings and hear bird song, feel the wind on your cheek or taste raindrops on the tongue can be a perfectly spiritual connection . Hope this helps ? Love and light