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  1. So Teal, when we look outside of ourselves and see the Wayne Dyer's, The Tony Robbins, The Mike Dooley's, The Esther Hicks, any and all those that even though they may have bad days, have excelled at making themselves financially rich or famous. How long can those of us who suffer in pain, depression, and sadness and keep telling ourselves this is the way we are suppose to feel while those I have mentioned have found a way to become successful and rich? When does our pain turn to self pity and we use what you teach as an excuse to remain in pain and misery, which is exactly what I do on a daily basis? I have accepted my sorry feeling states for years and it has gotten me nowhere but to more suffering.
  2. Teal: In the same fashion that you presented to Leslie Wangsgaard before she suicided, when you told her to either commit to life or to death, you are now faced with a similar choice. Either commit to your job as a spiritual teacher who helps the unlovable, the broken, the despised, the suicidal, the forgotten, the dark ones, or commit to fame. Only you have chosen this dilemma you are in. So far you have wished to be famous and adorned and now you find yourself at this unbearable crossroads. It all began with your fabricated “rape story” of the family friend who allegedly raped you for 10 years until you were 18. You claim there was no evidence or proof to bring charges against him. So he goes unpunished or imprisoned. Yet the great entertainer Bill Cosby’s career and reputation has been utterly destroyed by women claiming he sexually assaulted them while they were drugged over 20 years ago. Without a shred of physical evidence these women have managed to bring this man to trial and destroy his career. Whether or not he eventually ends up in prison has yet to be determined. The point I am making, when you make an outlandish claim of sexual abuse and rape that cannot be substantiated, then you have automatically set yourself up for a lifetime of scandal, attack, criticism, and hateful followers who turn against you. No police agency in the world would ignore a young woman’s claim “yours” that you were repeatedly raped and tortured by the veterinarian who was a friend of your families. If this man had truly done all these things, then his behavior would have surfaced in another of his chosen victims. Your rape story is a lie, plain and simple. You used it to launch your career and now you have to deal with the fall out. So the choice for you is Choose fame or choose to be a spiritual teacher. You cannot have both and be an effective teacher to those who need you and who suffer. You are the only teacher embroiled in such controversy. I don’t see Mary Ann Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Eckhart Tolle, Mike Dooley, Deepak Chopra, or any other teacher being attacked and hated as you are. Only you. And you love it in every degree. You have orchestrated it and created it to the magnitude of which it now exists. You have chosen yourself to have your picture plastered over every magazine from fashion to New Age. You choose to giggle and act silly in front of interviewers while on camera when important and sensitive questions are asked. You choose to be immature and act flippant when the really serious questions come. There should not be a doubt in your mind why you have attracted so much hate and resentment. I do not blame or condemn you for the suicide of Leslie Wangsgaard. But the question arises? Why were you not able to help her? You like me have been incarcerated within mental institutions on numerous occasions. You know the trauma, the negative attitudes and neglect present within a mental health crisis unit. You of all people should understand suicidal thinking while none other around you have the foggiest notion. Yet you could not reach Leslie? You never identified within Leslie the specific beliefs or unmet conditions that were causing her enormous pain. You tried techniques. Techniques are useless and never substitute for true understanding which you never established with this deceased soul. And then you add further insult to her pain by publicly stating that she reincarnated two days later after her death into another family with the exact conditions that created her pain in her previous life? You complain now that you and your staff are afraid because droves of suicidal people are showing up at your workshops demanding help. And they should be showing up. Why? You are the only person on the planet who claims you understand their dilemma. Having body guards around shows you do not really believe in the law of attraction nor trust God or the universe to protect you in your chosen mission. To be afraid of suicidal people is to further condemn them and you to pain and oblivion. Do you not trust the universe to protect you while you deliver your message? No, you do not apparently. If your staff which is probably only Blake to afraid of the mission you have chosen, then choose different people who are not afraid. You call all the shots. No one but you is making the decision to travel to far away exotic locations to conduct workshops that only the privileged few can afford or attend. You created the retreat in Costa Rica that only the well to do can afford. I do not believe you when you say you do this to raise the money so that you can provide free content to the less privileged. In the time it takes for you to produce one book, other authors have produced five. Yet writing is the least expensive and the most direct way to reach millions. Yet you disappear from your blog and article section of your website for weeks at a time. You are more concerned with sitting on stage and being the center of fame and attention. You are probably the most hated new age teacher on the planet right now. I don’t hate you like I did. I have followed your work for 5 years, but I don’t hate you no longer. I am deeply disappointed in you and feel betrayed by your obsession with fame and the unwillingness to carry out your mission of helping the disturbed and unlovable people who follow and pursue you. Solution: Have workshops just for these people. Have workshops in the U.S. and not in Costa Rica. Have workshops for the suicidal and depressed and for their families and invite them and sit with them for a day or 3 days. Do not let your staff dissuade you with lies about how dangerous that would be. You cannot be afraid of being held liable by the mental health community for not having proper credentials. You and I know the mental health community is your and mine’s enemy and the enemy of all trapped in suicidal feelings. Have these workshops and come up with solutions. Let them talk, let them share. Yes!, you may have to have security there to control someone if they get upset or restrain them. That is the risk you must be willing to take. Quit hiding from these people. You are not going to get rid of them because you have shown compassion and understanding towards them where no one else has. If you avoid them, then it could turn into a dangerous situation. I support you 100%. I totally agree with you that no one in the mental health community know how to help these people and that by seeking help through a crisis line or getting hospitalized will result in further trauma and pain for them to resolve.
  3. Thank you Rawmelody for the You Tube link showing the after life interview with Stephen Paddock. I would have never found it without your help. I had looked for something like that a few days earlier, but was not successful. Everything I heard confirmed what I already knew and suspected, and that Paddock was a disconnected soul unable to feel love or caring from others. I was highly disappointed however with the immaturity, anger, and personal judgments coming from the interviewer: Dr. Elisa Medhus. Her lack of healing was apparent and she should not have been the person conducting the interview with Paddock. Thanks again.
  4. I too am feeling a deep disappointment in the direction that Teal has taken with her blogs. I posted in her last blog a few days ago that it was particular poor taste and timing. The blog appeared shortly after the Las Vegas tragedy. I feel deeply disappointed and quite angry that Teal has chosen to totally ignore the tragedy and not delve into it with great detail as she usually does. I have been following Teals blogs and articles since Sept 2013 and I am at the point of going elsewhere. What got me hooked was Teal's willingness to talk about such tragedies as the Isle Of Vista shooting where Elliott Rogers filmed himself shortly before killing 5 people in a rage. No other spiritual teacher has the guts or courage or insight that Teal has. It is highly unlikely that Teal will ever see your words or mine. In this blog it is as if Teal is deliberately tryng to confound her devoted followers by ignoring the Las Vegas shooting. I learned a long time ago that it is impossible to make someone do you what you want them to do unless they are willing themselves.
  6. Teal: Why would you not address the Las Vegas tragedy and put this type of blog off for another time. I mean your timing does not seem to be the best here.
  7. I could care less Thomas 88 what you appreciate about my honesty. You can tell me or others all day long that the same inner and outer beauty resides in me or others as it does in Teal and it will do nothing but further antagonize the people who suffer and are resentful. The sate of mind of resentment can last a lifetime and has no expiration date regardless of what you say. Teal got the help she needed in counseling when she was younger and because of her beauty had no problem in attracting people into her life to reinforce she was desirable. I did not find that help even after 250 therapists and being hospitalized in mental hospitals 13 times. No one who does not have their needs being met is going to look at Teal and say to themselves: "If she can be successful, prosperous, and happy, then so can I." Teal knows what is going on in regards to all the hate being directed towards her. She just does not want to really address it. People who hate and resent are not going away. She can sweep them under the rug or she can embrace them as a part of herself. You are not my friend.
  8. I have not communicated for a very long time because as you said: "you are inaccessible" to those who may develop a sense of conflict over something you say, write, or an action you may take. I used to get angry and abusive because of the inconsistency I would perceive in your teachings. I used to become filled with rage when you would talk adoringly about Jerry Hicks and Abraham, when in fact they go against everything you teach about honoring and feeling our pain. I hate Esther and the late quite dead Jerry Hicks from Cancer after teaching for decades “you can’t attract something you are not a match to.” People experiencing pain and unhappiness are easily offended and will turn against you if they don’t feel heard, which is something you have come to realize. The problem is, you have offered no solution. In my case, I just don’t participate or respond anymore. But still for four years I have followed your website, read your articles, and your Blogs, and watched my fair share of videos. I have been triggered many times, but refuse to communicate my feelings anymore. Who wants to share their thoughts and feelings if they are uncertain you even read the comments left on your blogs. And I have noticed that you don’t even allow comments to be left on your article page. I mean basically you call all the shots. Sometimes you go 3-4 weeks without an article or blog posted. Do you not think that people notice the infrequency of your writings? People who follow your writings for the most part are in pain and they want to hear from you at least on a weekly basis. When you disappear for weeks at a time, people like me feel like you don’t care. And then there is nothing we can do to cause you to make adjustments. There is not one time in the nearly four years that your staff ever responded to one of my emails, even if it was a technical issue. Your staff is horrendous when it comes to responding to your readers and their concerns. An online community is a poor, poor, substitute for real human face to face interaction. Yet you are the only teacher in town dealing with the dark issues of serial killers, terrorists, people who suicide, and other dark issues that all other spiritual teachers refuse to even acknowledge, much less address. The Hay House community is nothing but a positive focus feel good community. Yet you are a member of Hay House and one of its teachers. Do you not think that people take note of this and maybe they feel you are being hypocritical by even being associated with Hay House? People notice things, they get offended, they drop out and turn against you in hate groups. I don’t think you really know why. And then as you know, your staff and moderators ban these people from your forum and comment sections. I even heard you say once that you don’t read the comments of your attackers. Another slap in their face. As for me, I am looking for understanding. I don’t like the short synopsis of a situation you discuss in an article and then followed up with a series of 1, 2, 3, 4, ect steps to its solvation. The one thing I have noticed over the years is the rush, rush, rush, tempo of your writing. Just as you get into the really deep aspects of something and show great understanding, you suddenly cut the article off and that is the end of it. It feels at time you just don’t care enough to write a solid article unless it has something to do with a woman’s issues. I remember a commenter being upset with you because you did not address the killing of 50 people in Orlando, FL by a lone shooter. People notice these things and they get offended. My bottom line complaint is the inconsistency in the timing of your articles. I have also noticed the Authenticity you used to speak of and promise to provide has all but disappeared. I am also not happy with the inappropriate ads you interweave within your articles. I don’t think a Tony Robbins advertisement has any place in your teachings or ads about meeting women. Please don’t degrade your teachings with these nonsensical ads. After all the anger I have felt towards you over the years, I am still here trying to hang in. Wayne Williams
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