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  1. And of course you will continue to send us an endless stream of emails trying to sell us meditations, tote bags, clothing, smart phone covers, bedding and sheets, and the same books that no one really wants to read? Can we expect that you will continue to make as money as you possibly can? And will you continue to attract effeminate losers like Jared Dobson for love partners who display weakness and wish washiness in everything they do or say? The only thing I hope is that you never start a blog on "dating and finding the right partner". And will you continue to write books about Yo
  2. So Teal, when we look outside of ourselves and see the Wayne Dyer's, The Tony Robbins, The Mike Dooley's, The Esther Hicks, any and all those that even though they may have bad days, have excelled at making themselves financially rich or famous. How long can those of us who suffer in pain, depression, and sadness and keep telling ourselves this is the way we are suppose to feel while those I have mentioned have found a way to become successful and rich? When does our pain turn to self pity and we use what you teach as an excuse to remain in pain and misery, which is exactly what I do on a dail
  3. Teal: In the same fashion that you presented to Leslie Wangsgaard before she suicided, when you told her to either commit to life or to death, you are now faced with a similar choice. Either commit to your job as a spiritual teacher who helps the unlovable, the broken, the despised, the suicidal, the forgotten, the dark ones, or commit to fame. Only you have chosen this dilemma you are in. So far you have wished to be famous and adorned and now you find yourself at this unbearable crossroads. It all began with your fabricated “rape story” of the family friend who allege
  4. Thank you Rawmelody for the You Tube link showing the after life interview with Stephen Paddock. I would have never found it without your help. I had looked for something like that a few days earlier, but was not successful. Everything I heard confirmed what I already knew and suspected, and that Paddock was a disconnected soul unable to feel love or caring from others. I was highly disappointed however with the immaturity, anger, and personal judgments coming from the interviewer: Dr. Elisa Medhus. Her lack of healing was apparent and she should not have been the person conducting the intervi
  5. I too am feeling a deep disappointment in the direction that Teal has taken with her blogs. I posted in her last blog a few days ago that it was particular poor taste and timing. The blog appeared shortly after the Las Vegas tragedy. I feel deeply disappointed and quite angry that Teal has chosen to totally ignore the tragedy and not delve into it with great detail as she usually does. I have been following Teals blogs and articles since Sept 2013 and I am at the point of going elsewhere. What got me hooked was Teal's willingness to talk about such tragedies as the Isle Of Vista shooting where
  7. Teal: Why would you not address the Las Vegas tragedy and put this type of blog off for another time. I mean your timing does not seem to be the best here.
  8. I could care less Thomas 88 what you appreciate about my honesty. You can tell me or others all day long that the same inner and outer beauty resides in me or others as it does in Teal and it will do nothing but further antagonize the people who suffer and are resentful. The sate of mind of resentment can last a lifetime and has no expiration date regardless of what you say. Teal got the help she needed in counseling when she was younger and because of her beauty had no problem in attracting people into her life to reinforce she was desirable. I did not find that help even after 250 therapist
  9. I have not communicated for a very long time because as you said: "you are inaccessible" to those who may develop a sense of conflict over something you say, write, or an action you may take. I used to get angry and abusive because of the inconsistency I would perceive in your teachings. I used to become filled with rage when you would talk adoringly about Jerry Hicks and Abraham, when in fact they go against everything you teach about honoring and feeling our pain. I hate Esther and the late quite dead Jerry Hicks from Cancer after teaching for decades “you can’t attract something you are not
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