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  1. Not sure how this blog came across my screen when I now see so many others after. My daughter is starting to lose her teeth and though she's always been an empathetic, wise soul, her new humor is taking me by surprise! I feel like I am dealing with the "little adult" shift you describe... I remember myself at that age and how in some ways I didn't feel that different than I do now, only the world made much less sense. More significantly, I know I am echoing what I'm sure many said, but I am so profoundly saddened to hear anyone would threaten a child. It doesn't do the combination of shock, anger and heavy heart justice to say, "Teal, I'm so so sorry to hear you have to deal with this". Lastly, I don't want to believe that women and mothers have it out for each other. I sometimes feel ostracized and I don't understand it but I also feel we are all just struggling to do the best for our children -- no small feat -- and that many times when we feel other people being standoffish, it's really that they are struggling to live up to being the person and mother they want to be; I'm pretty sure I see a ray of appreciation for a joke or smile to lighten their day and our collective loads of self-judgement. I've had moments of feeling truly crappy about some motherhood failure (ex: getting kids to school late, berating all three of us on the way there) and having another mother give me a figurative pat on the back; or having a PAC volunteer patiently talk me through yet another online "fun lunch" ordering fiasco without throwing a pen between my eyes. Or a soccer club (mom) volunteer (...who may or may not have liked me personally but nonetheless) taking a firm, above and beyond stance when my son was getting bullied on his soccer team and the male coach did little. I could go on. Maybe I'm naive and I probably do come across as more affectionate than many people's comfort zones, but I can't believe women, and mom's in particular, are so quick to hate. That would make this world too sad a place and it is already challenged to the max. But whatever the reality of this situation may be, please know that as a fellow woman and mother, personally, I think you are awesome! (And I've met you in person) You are a beacon of light shedding insight into many an unfathomable dark corner of our journeys and giving profound food for thought to our expanding understandings. It's an honour to call you "Sista", if I'm not overstepping. Love!
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