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  1. I love your words about your love for Teal: "I will fight for her love as long as I can make this next breath. I understand she is this beautiful bird that needs be free and spread her large wings, and I trust God that she will want to come back to me over and over again. If I treat her right and never take her for granted. She was never interested to stay in a cage and cannot be constrained." I sincerely wish you both happiness in your relationship. In my eyes you are wonderful person to commit to a woman this way.
  2. Thank you for choosing to share your life experiences and struggles. One day I will meet you and thank you in person. Like you said in one of your videos, time for gurus are gone and it`s time to be authentic selves. Thank you for sharing most, if not all sides of you. You are my inspiration and your videos are helping me to be more true self.