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  1. I feel the frustration Teal! I actually had the very people I opened my healing center with turn on me and leave the business. I let it all go that year because I really wanted to work with a powerful team of people and I needed to move out of San Fran to do that. The Desert of Arizona called me. So now I'm here working for HealthForce, and with a powerful team of people. And boy do we have haters! (Mike Adams *ahem*) But to answer your question, the only thing that's holding me back is not knowing what I'm being called to actually do. Ive been searching for my calling, my purpose, my hearts desire and what wants to be created through me for the last 5 years. And granted I know these things are whispered to me, i seem to keep getting mixed signals. I CAN tell you I'm a master at manifestation! But what to manifest? I'm still looking for the answer.
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