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  1. @craig You mentioned something about the pleadians being tall blue alien guys. To maybe get weird or personal, I had a meditation last week and didn't really think too much about it but I thought it could have been pleadians. I climbed up into a star with my spirit animals. We went down a slide through the star onto a cloud, and looked down at a purple and blue planet. When we landed on the planet, two tall blue guys, who were friendly and nice in their demeanor, told us we couldn't be there yet and to go back, so we did. It was short and weird, I thought about it for days tho. Have you experienced anything like this? Or have any info on it??
  2. Casey

    @naturelover No, I would love to work with you. I live in southern Utah. Ive been wanting to book with someone for awhile and was planning on it when I got back home to Oklahoma in April. But im defiantly open to email. Sleeping, yes. I do wake up in the night very often. It started back in February. Ive also been taking melatonin almost every night for 2 years but I have now stopped. I noticed my hair thinning in October of last year. I would say its become worse but only in the past month. Ive been using a natural hair dye for 8 years now and I think that has something to do with it (I started going gray at 21). I have decided to let my gray grow out now though. I had someone tell me to use a natural bristle brush on my scalp and then shampoo twice, and condition with therapeutic products to help remove oils. It worked for him about 25 years ago. I think it could help but I know there is a deep rooted issue. I also ordered the book-feelings buried alive never die. It was recommended highly. Let me know where you want to go from here, how much the fee is, etc. Thank you for your help!!! Casey
  3. Casey

    @Trash I took your advice. I imagined myself and I cried. It was a deep loss and a loss of my sense of self. I cant say that I finished the completion process but I feel better. I also felt led to stop using oils on my scalp and to let my gray hair grow out. And the best one was to use my hands and symbolically pull the hair up to the root so it can break free and be allowed to grow. This has really put me in an empowered state and I feel now that even tho I was worried and scared it will all be perfect. Thank you for your advice and guidance!
  4. Casey

    @Delina yes it is me!!!! I love Ralph!! I watched his videos on it I totally gained some insight
  5. Casey

    Actually it's been doing pretty great. I got a feeling that I need to start focusing on how my skin feels to the touch, not how it looks. So it's been getting softer. I've done some outer things- started taking homeopathic silica, I'm using a fresh aloe leaf on my whole body, I got a neem based Aryuvedic lotion. And I finally got a compliment on my skin for the first time ever! my acne is way more mild and quick to heal now, but my kp is still here as strong as ever.
  6. Casey

    Resisting Thinning Hair I've hit a wall and feel defeated. I have extreme resistance to my hair thinning and I need help with how to release. My hair has been the only thing that has made me feel beautiful as a woman. So this is quite traumatic for me. It's not so bad now but I can see it progressing. I've started taking iodine, homeopathic pills, aloe juice is on its way and fenugreek is soaking. Has anyone had success in dealing with this? What helped you release resistance? There's not a real in depth video out there or article about the cause of the symptom.
  7. wow. I am defiantly planning to go in April. Delina is already there!!! It would be so great if we could all get in on this!!
  8. Casey

    Awesome thank you!!! Buying some right now~
  9. Casey

    Thyroid Issues I haven't been to the dr for this but im positive I have a thyroid issue. Does anyone know anything about the root cause of this? Or has anyone else dealt with this before? My symptoms are-low energy, numb hands, thinning hair, unable to lose weight, brain fog, trouble sleeping occasionally, anxiety, skin issues. Maybe its all trauma manifesting in different ways...idk.
  10. HEYYYYYYY!!!!!! Are you planning on moving there this year??? Im being called to Puerto Viejo! Id love to do some water magic with you!!!! So glad to see everyone that's being called there! Its an exciting time!
  11. Numbers and Global Change I've seen some past number post on here before but id like to know if anyone else is experiencing this. I've been seeing 911, 33,333. I looked up 911 and was told many people are seeing this number. It relates to being apart of global change (positive). Personally, I feel very called by the strange pull of Costa Rica, I cannot escape it. I can sense it with every part of me. Like so much that if I don't do it, I will get sick and die or something. 33 is suppose to mean a huge life change. A beginning/end of a cycle. And new friends!! Is anyone else seeing or feeling this??
  12. Casey

    Skin Issues I have had acne since the third grade, like the really bad kind; and keratosis pilaris (KP) since first grade, which covers my entire legs, arms and toes. I have been working on these spiritually for four years now. My skin is a lot better just from years of diet changes, skin care and age. But I still have some pimples and blackheads with the occasional flare up. My KP has been on me always with no relief or let up. Tonight I was working on addressing my shame which I think is obviously very deep seated in me. Other times I've done this and gotten to the belief 'I have to be pretty in order to be loved and accepted". But, tonight I was brought to something that I hadn't been before- being ashamed of being born with jaundice, being ashamed of being born with something 'wrong with me'. I guess im trying to see if anyone has dealt with this before or has tips for me. I worked on changing my belief, I visited baby casey, but I still feel that there is more and I felt lead to bring it to the community. What do you all think??
  13. OMGGGGGGG!!!!!! Did everyone see Teals blog she just now posted about her retreat in Costa RIca!?!?!? IM FREAKING OUT!!!!!
  14. I am still so overwhelmed by the number of people seeing Costa Rica in their life. And im so glad I finally reached out to this community! I finally don't feel so alone in this. Its nice to have a group of people who are also following their hearts and intuition.
  15. Do you or anyone think that our debt is starting to not matter? Teal keeps saying the collapse of society is coming soon. To me that would mean money no longer reigns supreme and another form of trade will arise. Also, when Teal talks about the rat cage and what's holding you in, I feel mine is money and that I need to let go and not factor that in any longer.