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  1. Leighton gill

    Video Idea It would be cool if Teal made a video that made us feel like anything was possible. A miracle type vibe. I think this would be good for the holidays.
  2. Leighton gill

    Does it bother anyone that sex feels that way for the fox? It's my relationship with the universe at large. It's like half of me wants to not exist (not just die) and the other half is too afraid to die. This is scary when I acknowledge I'm God.
  3. Leighton gill

    Although I have no Celtic blood I feel a strong relation and affinity to it. You would love the animated film Song of the Sea. I'm almost certain you'll love the music. Everything about the film is awesome though. It's an Irish animated film.
  4. Leighton gill

    What if figment itself was just a figment?
  5. Leighton gill

    Are you provoking us to turn our beliefs of factions to something more real?
  6. Leighton gill

    Anyone else? Sometimes I think something really big is going to happen. Something incomprehensible until it happens.
  7. I have been feeling incredible despair, sense of fatigue and hopelessness. Am I the only one? What are others emotional experiences ? Please share.
  8. Leighton gill

    Teal <3 yes
  9. Leighton gill

    I'm also near dallas. Plano