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  1. Teal, I really like my life, I actually have undergone what is a essentially a "life makeover" over the past three years and am thrilled with the results so my question for you is, what can people in my situation --who really like the lives they have created for themselves---do during this time of tension? Lead by example? Motivate others to take bold actions to cultivate the lives of their dreams? Thanks.
  2. I live in Philadelphia, and was interested to hear your take on the city. I didn't go to the conference because I was out of town on Sunday and really only was interested in hearing you speak. However, HayHouse could take some guidance from other event venues in the city in steeply discounting tickets in the days prior to an event that is not selling well to drive up attendance. I'm on their email lists, as I'm sure is my zip code, and got no specific targeting or special offers for attending. Ah well. Hopefully you'll come back as I feel like your influence in this city is just starting to take off.
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