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  1. Aristotle

    I am currently looking for assistance to help launch a seed-supplement education/selling business. Perhaps a Tribe member exists in Utah (I am in Southern Utah) who is organized. I could re-located to the SLC area if necessary, but the job would entail getting paid to organize travel, update a website, do research, etc. Would get paid more when we start making lots of money selling to sick people, athletes, businesses (coffee) Feel free to message me on Facebook (NICHOLAS_VINIOS). This could be a good job if you are willing to invest your time as you see fit to get paid for it in the future. Thanks.
  2. Aristotle

    This quote is probably top 3 if not an all-time (that I've come across) favorite ????
  3. Aristotle

    I tried editing the above but kept recieving error messages regarding something along the lines of security access/firewall... Besides fixing a bit of poor writing, I was going to add that I believe I am in a bit of a healing trap. Perhaps by the time I make a few more videos about me, you guys can help call attention to certain aspects of myself that might benfit from more careful focus as I I make another run at becoming clean and pure until the day I die. I'd love to hear anyone's comments via a message to any of my social media accounts!
  4. Since Teal and I seem to have relatively similar life outlooks (not to mention how much of a positive influence she has been in the last couple of years) I wanted to share the following video and my Youtube philosophy channel where I will perhaps be posting videos perhaps daily. I thought I'd try getting one started that will become more professional to try to gain more followers if I choose to continue. I may quickly run out of things to say and focus for developing the channel, but I just wanted to try it out anyways to see WHAT happens and WHERE that leads me!
  5. Aristotle

    "Although reversed is good too." Great point, thanks Ana!
  6. Aristotle

    Pretty cool that there are hexagons in it as well in the same location.
  7. Aristotle

    This is another cool painting called The School of Athens by Rafael whom Dali mentions in the above video. If I had to guess it represents Aristotle on the right and Socrates or Plato on the left.
  8. Aristotle

    Until I saw the hexagon at the top-middle I didn't see or understand the symbols (including the three gross creatures) and 'meanings' so it could get a lot more interesting!
  9. Aristotle

    Collide- if you are thinking quinoa is a seed I am fairly certain it is actually a grain which is why I personally don't eat a lot of it and could be OUT completely in the future. Garnet- that is a great idea to throw seeds outside for them to grow. Think of all the precious pumpkin seeds wasted on Halloween!
  10. Aristotle

    I think they say not to eat the outside layer due to cyanic acid in some seeds; however, due to the way the seed recieves the light, the husk is where the magic lies, and the problem of too much cyanic acid can be addressed by mixing with other ingredients as I believe Rain has done with their products...
  11. Aristotle

    I guess I'm just trying to point out that we are all way more crazy than we believe and human beings are an insane species; however, it's more just some info. for whomever to ponder!
  12. Aristotle

    Thank you for your post. IMO, it's pretty obvious that the meds you speak of treat only the symptoms and NOT THE CAUSE of the problem. I'm no expert except for my own experience and research. While they may have worked short-term for me, the whole system and doctors' attitudes towards them appalled me. Luckily, I managed to escape taking them for "bi-polar" and am now just taking really good care of myself health-wise and seem to be doing just fine. The seed supplement I wrote about has worked wonders for me as well. The oils contained in these whole-crushed seed are what the brain needs to function optimally. I wish you the best, and perhaps check out the following video...
  13. Aristotle

    I think a lot of dreams have to do with wanting to release trying to be in control of real life. Hence, when things feel out of control in dreams (being chased by aliens for instance) that is merely our subconscious WANTING to give up said control of certain aspects of real life...
  14. Anyone else see the hexagon and/or the three figures? IMO if one can see and understand this final Dali painting, inspired by Catastrophe Theory in mathematics, then the rest of his abstract work seems to make sense for the most part. No analysis I've come across COMES CLOSE to explaining it the way I'm seeing it. His final interview is also REALLY interesting IMHO...