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  1. Hi Teal I can relate to your post particularly this one as I am a maori from New Zealand but the eastcoast rural area, although never grew up in the city I never felt any reason to want for anything as my life was comfortable, enough so to not know of passion and purpose to life. I was the second to youngest in a family of 13 we were taught to take whats given, be grateful and taught we were seen and not heard a quiet near none existant life. I left my mom and dads at the age of 15 to find a life out in search for growth and independence which was hard for me especially when I lacked communication skills, expression of emotions but than thought that was the normal teenage stage in life so that choice of leaving my parents was pointless as I still found myself drowning in the community feeling I lacked skills which many my age had and I was this big catered child that floated in life only managing to say yes or no, not much of a survival skill to get me anywhere where independence could be a reality. Eventually my dad came to see how I was coping and as much as I was trying to showy parents that I had grown and achieved a minute amount of independence my father saw through the cherade and told my aunty I was going home with mom and him. Feeling defeated and releived at the same time as I was than a quiet made no fuss and a yes person quietly packed my gear to make my way home. It was than that I realised I needed to grow up and mature, I had to find a way to doing this and I spose it was my journey than to finding myself. Sorry Teal for this long story, to make this short I am 50yrs old now I have been looking for my passion still I discovered Ralph Smart whom I'm so grateful to the universe for bringing him into my life for the obvious reasons I've decided to take up vegan life change for life as I was a vegetarian as a child as I chocked on certain foods for good reasons I now know and my awareness to life has awoken to a point now everyday I am listening to him that was where I came across you and him on a vidoe that confirmed a search that I was and am finally on the right path. I have made a list about finding myself and will take each day to achieve each point has been address to finding what I truly feel happy doing for once in my life not because someone said but because of what I said, I am thankful that you and Ralph are on this planet to help us to find the true meaning to life, I have a way to go but I will for once in my life enjoy the journey?
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