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  1. I cannot wait for the Ask Teal about this because I know when it's up it'll be exactly what I need to hear. I'm finding that the sense of belonging is like a wave: sometimes it's so present and rushing in all around you and then other times it feels like a drought that will never end. We're all going through the same crap it seems; whether we want to face it or not. But that's why I gravitate to your work: because you're honest about everything even if it hurts or if someone else might disagree. ?
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    Would "muting" be a possibility? Where if moderators are not able to get through to the person and have them understand that the behavior is harming the group, the person would not be allowed to post for x number of days but could still read the posts? I know it's a fine line and the muting in itself would be a separation in a way from the group, just brainstorming:)
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