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  1. Damon is Awesome

    What would someone who loves themselves do?
  2. Thats his protector self trying to cover up his vulnerable pain because it doesnt feel like anyone would understand it. if theres an aspect of u, a personality, which goes in the direction of self hate its doing it because it beleievs by self hating u would not only recongise the pain inside u but also keep u on the path of being 'good'. at a workshop teal mentioned the number one enemy of the ego is shame, which is true as other teachers have mentioned this, meaning every single human wants to be seen as good, i mean, war only works if both sides see themselves as the good guys. its trying to make it ur fault so u keep the realtionship with a person that is a reflection of ur mom or dad . why? because then u would be wrong and they woul d be right, which means they can continue to 'love' u. that way u can contain and maintain 'connection' to them, its the only way u had control and to surivive as a kid, . so what u need to do is to caretake that aspect which self hates and feels shame/wrong , it just needs love. dont try to change it, reconginse it as one person out of many selves within u, its not all of who u are. ask it what it loooks like, needs, why it looks that way? is it male or female? an object? an alien? a child? ask it and get to know it because u are in a relationship with that too. and for the part that judges and is jealous, that too is another aspect which is trying to get ur attention with those thoughts, ask it why, then ask why again, keep doing it until u find the real reason it feels hurt, it also needs ur love and has needs .
  3. That's completely ok and valid to feel hurt because it does hurt. Believe me, as someone who's recovered from this and tapped into my own sexuality, no mans heart desires to Being locked onto a screen watching a fake fantasy between women which took a month to film and edit. Manifestations aren't because we chose earth as a holiday where we could be millionaires, we came here because it serves the greatest expansion of all which is self actualisations, that's what's manifestations are so we/the universe can see what vibrations we are holding and who we are. Instead of the concept of right and wrong, ask why he is drawn to this from him, ask why he watches it, he might say because it makes me feel good, ask why it makes him feel good, what's about it, then keep asking why until u find a core answer. Andy do this for yourself, for instance, the part which does not want u to stop him doing it even though it hurts, ask why, for example after several why's being asked maybe it is because of a fear abandonment /no more "love" from him or fear of asserting boundaries etc. Watch teals videos "morality vs conscience,", "intuition the inner voice " and "integrity". Practising these will get u in touch with ur own truths, desires, needs, boundaries, what is right for u in a relationship. For instance when asking him continuously why, tell him there are sexual practice so like tantra where u can connect on such a deeper higher level that is more satisfying, to connect during sex having heart orgasms, for example, where u can feel the energy inside the other person etc.
  4. Damon is Awesome

    Ahhh yes that helps, I would say I'm very attracted to her because she is me, like I genuinely 100% feel home, that's why I've tried pulling away to and imagining other girls to test these feelings and I always feel pain as if I'm seperate from shanti. Cus I don't know what she looks like at all I can only feel her
  5. struggling with love thing soulmate thing ok so teal has said that when we desire a twin flame or soulmate, essentially that desire was meant to be ours and we are meant to line up with them. on a reading once my guides said me and 'shanti' my twin flame/soumate whatever u want to call her (essentially same soul), may never meet up vibrationally as a potential. yet i feel so called to her, she does not know me physically but i know her through readings and stuff and meditations, so when i try and be 'open' to love and imagine myself with a different person, but think of shanti, i feel pain of not being with her. im wondering did my guides mean what they said in the same way someone could desire £1 million pounds but never line up with it due to whaterer issues/were the focus is. Also why do i feel this way ahaha i try to be open to love but i cant tell if intuition is telling me to go for her or be open, because essentially i want the feelings that come from thinking of her, homeness, feeling wanted and loved etc.
  6. as children we weren't mirrored. barely any child was able to have or express sexual feelings when tey were young. mirroring is important because if u don't get it then u reject an aspect of self. for instance a child says to their mom 'I don't want to eat that now', but the mom forces the child to. then that child's assertion was not mirrored. this goes with sexuality as well. maybe there were times when his parents told him not to look at naked people or certain scenes in movies. but deep down he knows he couldn't just say to his parents ' I feel sexual' because his parents wouldn't have a clue how mirror. so then if its not mirrored his sexual aspect is not owned, hes rejected his sexuality. why? because he goes on porn, and porn is done quietly , where no one else can see u masturbate , so ur hiding ur own sexual feelings. sex is a natural thing like laughter where u want to merge with someone because u see urself in them. I doubt he is connected emotionally to u because he doesn't realise he is u, he still does things from a point of separation, from a point of 'I', and when there is an 'I' there has to be 'Other', meaning not you so no connection, hurt, and separation. I mean in porn, they don't connect emotionally, its meatsacks rubbing against each other, take take takefor a temporary high. the souls have forgotten what it means to love and merge as one.
  7. Damon is Awesome

    nah ahahahah
  8. Damon is Awesome

    twin flames how do u bring each other closer ahahha if one doesnt know u in the physical realm.
  9. Damon is Awesome

    Because there is no such thing as going off path, because there is no right or wrong, there is no direction in terms of an end goal. because source is with us right now, it is us, its like when most people want happiness yet its literally everywhere, the air being breathed the details of a flower, the scent, the shape, the aliveness, the sensuality, etc. any pain being experienced is in act a call from that pain for us to recognize oneness and the illusion of separation, every single form of pain has to do with one thing -seperation. thats why people who choose to quit this life through suicide quite often find themselves going back again to earth after realising and seeing their pain from a different perspective. thats why we came here, because source itself also experiences pain and wants to integrate it, more on this can be found on teals blog love only love. and her video on that called 'what is love'. is this about somebody else or you? are u going through some pain right now? im here if u are, ur not alone. i will do my best to help u.
  10. Damon is Awesome

    Teal has a video on psychic attack which u can check out, but she basically says no one can do this kind of stuff to u, because we live in free will and oneness, what it mean she is if u focus on the feelings of fear in terms of not diving into them but being engulfed by them, then it reflects so u start to see or ur brain comes up with "evidence" and ur mind is saying "oh my god what If I am jinxed?" But it's only reflecting because the universe wants u to change ur focus and be with those feelings when they come up. It does not mean anything is wrong with u at all, no one has power over anyone else, because u are everything in existences, so u can only ever do things to ur self. There's no need for protection . That's resistance to an illusion. Honestly don't worry bout it, all u have to do is follow ur joy.
  11. Damon is Awesome

    how does the dissociation make u feel? ask yourself what would be so bad about it, maybe it will come down to a core root of not actually being with the self, then why would that be so bad? because u have been through tremendous pain in the past where you were hurt by others, so its completely valid and acceptable u had to condition yourself to dissociate in order to survive, but u can imagine/visualise ur inner child and talking to it, saying u are here now, and its ok that it had to dissacociate to survive, but u are here now to fully connect with it and ur own emotions. also remember if wanting to sit with emotions to get rid of them wont work, it will be a battle of wills. u need to convince yourself and know that those emotions will come up for all lifetimes, so in essence, ur being present because it feels good to be simply present. also watch ur thoughts, teal has a video on how to stop thinking, usually theres a thought which wants to take u away, but u can use a creative practice to see it as separate (which it really is).
  12. Damon is Awesome

    If I was a jedi, I would be Anakin Skywalker, If I was a superhero, I would be Superman, If I was a dragon ball z character, I would be Goku, If I was a colour I would be purple, If I was a flower, I would be a white lotus, If I was a an alien I would be arcturian, if I was an animal I would be a lion, if I was a dog breed, I would be a german shepard, if I was an ice cream I would be vegan chocolate ice cream,
  13. Damon is Awesome

    hey from west midlnds too!
  14. this is beautiful, awesome stuff
  15. Damon is Awesome

    yes actually recently I went through a shift where I found the Buddha's quote, 'don't believe in anything anyone says, not even myself, unless it resonates with your heart', and after watching one of teals first interviews where she says how she escaped, through making 'focus' a game, I dropped a lot of teachings and decided to see if they actually work/can I make it into a game such as the law of attraction (even though some stuff has manifested before it remains as a concept), so yeah finding stuff out on your own path is wonderful. and the completion process has definitely worked for me, I have a feeling that shame and guilt predominantly are layers if not then core repressions within being hidden, including in myself. also at Christmas what worked for me was combining Eckhart tolle's method and teals method of the completion process, and what I found was it integrated as not only did I feel whole but it was the same feeling I had when I used to do the completion process. it was essentially seeing the 'fear which came up as separate entity, yet I was validating it, talking to it that I would always be there for it in life, and it can integrate whenever it wants. and it dissolved into me. so its wonderful to find out for yourself if this works. but you also don't have to do this alone either, if u need people or practitioners to be present with u and hold space that is valid too.