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  1. "I love California. It’s one of my favorite states in the nation. But here, awareness does not run deep for most people." You lump all of Californians into one socal pile??? #soowrong norcal n socal hav wanted to be 2 separate states since i can remember...simply put socal is plastic n fake n norcal is real n deep... except now w/all the gentrifiers a lot being from socal the bay is no longer the chill insightful happy helpful progressive norcal i grew up in. Yall gentrifieres hav trashed the bay in soo many ways on soo many levels natives/locals dont even want to be here around the outoftowners anymore "Yall can hav it Im out" thats the verbatim consensus n believe me this convo is quickly the main topic wenever bay natives/norcalies run into each other which is rare n why its such a big deal to us to come across one another. #gohomegentrifiers #youaredestroyingnorcal
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