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  1. Lioness

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    Hi Bananas28, I don't know if you saw my earlier comments but we share the experience that this was not being handled in the right way. I'm happy to see that someone else is seeing it too, since I started to wonder(a tiny bit) if I was being completely off, though I really actually felt sick as I watched the video, I'm feeling confident in my opinion. As you are writing I am hoping it was just a plain mistake, like you're saying, though for me I would've liked some type of accountability for how it went. I have tremendous respect for Teal and her teachings(she is literally my idol). This is ma
  2. Lioness

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    Also, she told him first that getting a stage is going indirectly for meeting his own needs, but than she says get your own stage. And then in the end he asks how getting a stage is meeting his needs directly, which is a very valid question given he has gotten different answer, but gets back that he is draining her energy. That is very confusing and unfair, and I believe, very detrimental and can really exacerbate his trauma.
  3. Lioness

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    Really though? Look at it again. From the beginning he is trying to tell her things: About how painful it is risk loosing his close ones(he even starts crying), then she interrupts him, so he can't process it. He also is having very clear symptoms of dissociation - Going from being present(looking her in the eyes, smiling etc) to not being able to articulate what he wants, looking down on the floor, trouble with eye contact. To me it really don't seem like he is pretending to be in pain; He was in pain and really needed help. And also, if the case is that he was there to manipulate his way to
  4. Lioness

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    Ye But she “has the stage” to help people and did she really help him? Become more comfortable with going directly for his needs? By feeling okay to leave some of his close relationships behind?(He cried when telling this, so obviously that was a problem he needed help with). I found it disturbing how she handled it(it is retraumatizing to get shamed by hearing “manipulating them all to take up the stage”, which makes the going for the need of significance even harder), so instead of helping him, making him feel bad about it. To me that’s not how you deal with some
  5. Lioness

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    I agree that it felt off. I feel really, deeply uncomfortable and sad seeing this.
  6. Lioness

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    I agree that it felt like he was dissociated most of the time, having really hard time answering questions the whole time. He was more present in the beginning, so for me it seemed like Teal’s approach to him made him split because instead of trying to understand him(Asking further on the same topic instead of changing subject many times). It’s really hard to answer questions when dissociated. For me it didn’t at all seem like he was there just to get significance. It was more a deep fear that he will be alone if he reaches for that goal and that THAT is what needed help with, to be able
  7. Lioness

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 2/2

    It really looks and feels like to me that Teal is Shaming the Young man in the beginning. Asking different questions so the answers went all over the place and then shaming him for wanting the significance and “taking her stage”. Even if it was “manipulating”, it obviously is coming from a deep wound/need and therefore should be understood(and maybe even celebrated?) that he got the need, got what he wanted from getting up on the stage that day. Why shaming that by saying such things? I felt very uncomfortable and actually sad and angry, about that.
  8. Lioness

    Chicago Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Wow! What an amazing list you put together! Thank you x
  9. Lioness


    Thanks a lot for the validation! The struggle is real since I don’t know how to go forward and get the help I need. Thanks for reaching out. x
  10. Lioness


    Thanks for the support!!!:) What do you mean out of control here?
  11. Lioness


    I blame my parents for not seeing me or helping Me. I especially feel angry with my dad since he he’s blaming me for demanding to come here(to live with him) even though He know this was my only option to be able to survive, literally(I’m sick and also have no income). I blame him for not treating me like a person, with needs and wants. That he decides on whether I can have my needs met, which makes me feel unsafe and scared. So yeah, definitely blaming him for feeling that. I also blame my mum for her not taking in critisism(turns it back on me very quickly), cause I really need he
  12. Lioness

    Synchronization Workshop FAQ

    I would love to know which workshop it was with the couple doing the exercise of taking each other's perspectives!
  13. Lioness

    The Dark Crystal

    I feel the same! Especially the whitehaired guy. Shivering just thinking about him....
  14. Lioness


    I have a question as well. Believing/accepting that there's nothing wrong with me goes against believing the Law of Attraction/Mirroring for me. I am two months into a job at a psychic ward. I was super happy about getting the job since I didn't have an education as an assistant nurse(which is usually required) and was really excited to start to be able to be of service to the patients. Though, since the beginning it's been a real struggle. Not because of the patients but because of the working group. They have zero working morale. Actually they are apparently famous at the entire hospit
  15. Lioness

    What is Self-Love?

    Being with a group of women for two days, I really recognize this behavior! Even in myself. Thanks, definitely gonna start changing that <3

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