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  1. Lioness

    Synchronization Workshop FAQ

    I would love to know which workshop it was with the couple doing the exercise of taking each other's perspectives!
  2. Lioness

    The Dark Crystal

    I feel the same! Especially the whitehaired guy. Shivering just thinking about him....
  3. Lioness


    I have a question as well. Believing/accepting that there's nothing wrong with me goes against believing the Law of Attraction/Mirroring for me. I am two months into a job at a psychic ward. I was super happy about getting the job since I didn't have an education as an assistant nurse(which is usually required) and was really excited to start to be able to be of service to the patients. Though, since the beginning it's been a real struggle. Not because of the patients but because of the working group. They have zero working morale. Actually they are apparently famous at the entire hospital for not being willing to work. I have to, not only do my own work but also do other people's work as well as being alone sometimes on the floor. And in this tough environment, as a psychic ward is(with 20 people being at the bottom), the staff has to work together. In the beginning I was scared - what if it's only me that are noticing these stuff?. What if it's only me experiencing this and that I'm drawing this experience to me(according to the law of attraction)? But after a while I started talking to a few people about it. They very much agreed, they also said that some of the staff has zero working morale and that they don't care much about the patients. I've talked to the boss three times, and she barley mentioned it at one of the staff meetings and nothing's changed. So these people just keep going on like this - Not doing things properly and not giving the patients what they need. Many nurses have confirmed it as well(the problem is mostly with the caretakers/assistant nurses) and they let me know they've had this problem for a long time and that it's got a lot to do with the fact that the boss is scared of conflict. I'm really sick of having to do so many things by myself and asking everyone if I can get a hand (even though they should've done it anyway) as they're sitting on the office with their mobile phones. This makes me both sad and frustrated and angry. Luckily people coming in extra sees it. So, in this situation, when I start thinking about the Law of Attraction being a reality and, naturally, starting to think that I've attracted this, I feel like absolute shit and start to question my own experiences. This makes me doubt myself both as a worker and as a person. If I on the other hand, see the things that are happening as valid and real, I feel like it's a shitty situation but at least I'm normal and valid for seeing this stuff and feeling like it's unfair both to me and the patients. It's shitty because I want to do this kind of work but the terms being so bad I'm scared for my own wellbeing and health. But not adapting the Law of Attraction, at least I don't have to abandon myself through invalidating my own experience. I can have compassion for me and my colleagues that we're doing a great work, being there for the patients, against the odds. In this way I feel like I cannot believe in the Law of Attraction as well as believing and staying true to myself. If someone has an answer/perspective on this I would be really happy to hear Thank you!
  4. Being with a group of women for two days, I really recognize this behavior! Even in myself. Thanks, definitely gonna start changing that <3
  5. Lioness

    A Flame That Flickers

    Being with a group of women for two days, I really recognize this behavior! Even in myself. Thanks, definitely gonna start changing that <3
  6. Thank you for the realness <3
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