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  1. amandapanda

    I just realized Blake has an amazing vibration for being in relationships with lovely ladies. Lynn and Teal are both so darn pretty.
  2. amandapanda

    Thanks for your reply. I can see your point. - But, I just got back from Teals Mirror in NY. We are all mirroring aspects of one another, no exceptions. Hard pill to swallow FOR SURE. And sometimes, taking this attitude is beneficial... But That being said. Ive been living my life for the last 10-15 years with the attitude that THEY are the problem - THEY are the weird ones, well......that hasnt fixed the issue, in fact its gotten worse. I don't dress provocatively, I even stopped wearing makeup - NO DIFFERENCE. I'm apt to believe these clingy people are vibrationally a match to me, Its time to turn the mirror on myself. Not in a "its all your fault" way but just in a self exploratory way. Im just done with the whole notion of " men being men, creeps being creeps. " I do appreciate your perspective and value your imput Cheers.
  3. amandapanda

    @Eveslofl YEssss. I DO! I have both problems too! The mirror for this vibration has gotten VERY big lately. I'm really hoping to heal it, and understand it. I can't seem to find someone I like and who likes me back equally. Sigh.
  4. amandapanda

    Whats appropriate I would love others thoughts on this issue I've got going on. I really want to get concious about this aspect of me so I'm asking for your help. I have been semi-aware of this pattern for a long time but I keep ignoring it, and not looking into it deeper, but yesterday I ran into this reflection again. And I'm ready to integrate it. The repeating pattern is with this type of person in romantic but latley NON romantic situations. At first they are super outgoing, friendly, and talk A LOT about themselves, they make you feel like you've known them for ever in the span of a few hours. At first I'm thrilled, I feel included, liked, and accepted by this person, they are showing me attention, I am hopeful and optimistic about our connection. But, then I begin to notice that they seem to lack a sense of boundaries and what is appropriate for the lenght of time we have known each other. and I begin to feel overwhelmed, then I feel they are being intrusive, and "stalkerish". After we part, they call and text A LOT and and I begin to feel suffocated and afraid. Then I start to obsess about how to "handle" them and get them off my back with out offending them. SO, i guess my question is, what are the best steps to integrate with this aspect of me that is being mirrored in them. I guess there is this same aspect of me that I have repressed? One that is desperate for connection? one that lacks boundaries?.... I know everyone will probably say boundaries, but in some instances when I hvae just met a person, I feel like that doesnt make sense to just start listing your boundaries right off the bat. There is such a thing as knowing the limits of what is OK for a situation such as a student / teacher situation? Right. I shouldnt have to write out a list of appropriate behaviors with everone i meet. This Is why I feel it has more to do with working on a particular vibration of mine... .. but I'd love others thoughts. Thanks!
  5. amandapanda

    Hey, wish I could give you good advice, I am actually having the same problem! I was just about to come here and post about hair loss myself. I think it has to do with LYME (for my case) but - i know there's an emotional factor. because all people who have lyme dont have there hair fall out.... so HM.... Anyway, you aren't alone... I know what its like. And I see you and feel you! Its scary!
  6. amandapanda

    Fragmentation - Parts work I have been playing with parts work like Teal demonstrated on the last couple workshops. Any tips on helping to find a way to get opposing parts get on the same page? It was VERY ENLIGHTENING work. I am excited about what I learned, I just don't know how to make both parts get along. Cheers! A
  7. amandapanda

    thank you @Garnet and @MistaRender for you kind words and advice. I appreciate it very much. I did fall quite instantly but I doubt he ever could really tell. BUT its also quiet possible he picked up on it. He has done a ton of plant medicine. So I don't know how sensitive that has made him to picking up on things. He at least SEEMED fairly perceptive. But I don't really put out a flirty vibe. It was he who initally seemed to be initiating....He kept mentioning that I should come back home and move to the area where he lives. I initially wrote it off. Thinking to myself he was just being nice and trying to be helpful. That it didn't indicate a particular affection for me. But he mentioned it again a few months later. I began to take it to heart. Then he saw something one day that I had made and said that he would love to work on some clothing line together. I got really excited about that because i thought that it would be a way to get to know each other and spend time together. But, shortly after that he said that it would be 2-3 months before we could collaborate. Well, in that time of me patiently waiting. Apparently he found a girlfriend..... Yeeeeeeaaaaahhh. As i am writing this I'm kind of seeing that he was kind of a jerk to me. Blowing me off and making half promises that never came through. I got my hopes up too much on this guy. I know that. But I was excited by him, he seemed more awake and aware than any guy I've met in person before. Well, anyway, thank you all for listening! Your support means more than you know. Blessings!
  8. amandapanda

    Long story short this self love thing is a bi$#%
  9. amandapanda

    DO NOT MISTAKE ME The woman in me is wild. I am as innocent as a new born star and as carnivorous as a Bengal tiger do not mistake me. I am as patient as a snow capped mountain and as insatiable as a blistering volcano do not mistake me. I am beautiful as the face of a flower and as ruthless as a hive of bees. Do not mistake me. Im as wise as the emptyiest night sky. and as fresh as the returning dawn. Do Not MISTAKE me. I am as predictable as the wings of a butterfly. And as vital as the beating in your chest. Do not Mistake me. I am an innocent wild. I am inescapable.
  10. amandapanda

  11. amandapanda

    I don't think you are unusual in needing lots of help feeling safe and valued before sex. Honestly I'm EXSACTLY the same. I was lucky my first boyfriend took A million years to get to know me and we were friends and took things really really slow. But dating and sex in the recent years.. o my god. Men have no idea how to treat women. You probably do have a different nervous system - most likely you are an Highly sensitive person ( me too!). I am focusing on manifesting a guy who will take his time again like my first boyfriend, so I feel safe. Sadly, I had 2 or 3 experiences after him that weren't so positive and were slightly truamatizing.... Will have to work on not generalizing them to ALL men.
  12. amandapanda

    Sometimes I just feel that I want people to help me. Do simple things. Yes, I CAN do them myself. But I feel drained, tired and exhausted by doing these things. I am not lazy either, because I can work very hard on things when I am passionate about a project or if it is something I excel at that other people aren't as good at. I also like being independent so It frustrates me to feel so dependent on others doing things for me in order for me to feel good.
  13. amandapanda

    ah well, I think it still applies! Getting in touch with our need for touch!
  14. amandapanda

    i did it again I have a long back story to this but, I will not bore anyone with it. long story short. I have manifested (yet again) a very painful situation where I have strong feelings of a romantic nature for someone who does not either A. See/feel/ sense the chemistry or connection B. chooses to ignore it or suppress it and gets into a relationship with someone else. I am left feeling like I imagined the whole thing and rejected - not good enough and silly for having feelings for someone who did not reciprocate them. Any of you who have had this happen will know the exquisite pain of unrequited feelings. But the question is WHY - why do I keep manifesting this situation!? (and I am aware of the positive in this - I'm not ready for a relationship - Health problems probably would have gotten in the way anyway... but still, it hurts so bad to not be loved by someone you admire.)
  15. amandapanda

    yes, this resonates... i can see how this would help. it is so hard though. especially when its become second nature to ignore the bodies signals. please keep me posted on how it goes.