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  1. I voted out - because of the 'system' not being for the people - but the people always working for the system. We are sick of being robots and being told what we have to do. The uproar is simply because of change - people can't handle it, because since we were in EU, there's no community spirit, we have no time for that as we are forced to work such long hours to pay for our 'system' so we can pay huge amounts of money to belong to the EU. If i have £10 in my purse, i would give it to someone who needs it, but this wasn't the case within the EU, we would only have £10 left after working our fingers to the bone, then someone would take that because of our 'system' I used your theory, 'what would someone who loves themselves do?' - i walked away from the turmoil so i can dream of a brighter future. Yes, we may be in the poop for a while, but it will improve. Our most drastic recession was when we joined the EU. The cities are full of emotionless people, rushing about to make millions for their corporations - it's wrong, people need to slow down, take stock, and enjoy their lives and the planet they live on - and not be so consumed by doing the right thing for other people (corporations)
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