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  1. Chakra

    What is that Garnet? I'm getting bad vibes
  2. Chakra

    This forum is a ghost town.. Teal talks about mirrors a lot hmm
  3. Chakra

    This forum is like a ghost town
  4. Chakra

    I've said this before but there's power in this and how you do it. You can meditate, feel everything you want in the new life and in theory it should carry over.
  5. Hey could use some guidance on electroshock therapy What's your perspective and opinion on electroshock therapy? If you have had an experience with electroshock therapy I would love to hear your story. In 2015 I was scheduled to try it, stayed in a hospital for a week but it kept getting delayed and then canceled. After this, I found Teal Swan and had an awakening which lasted about a year before things got back to where they were. One of the reasonings to that is lack of support system. I tried to manifest a support system but it didn't last which I take ownership for because I dunno what I'm doing. I've been trying the techniques that lead to my awakening (gratitude journal, self work, crystals) on top of a 20day water fast but nothing seems to work. I'm in a lot of emotional pain and when I let myself feel it I break down and feel hopeless. I know of the videos Teal Swan has of "when nothing else seems to work" "stop trying to fix it" and have read her books, maybe nows the time for medical intervention.
  6. Chakra

    I've also heard from Teal and others on here that since its done from a low vibrational state that you reincarnate into something similar. But then leaving out the point that if you do it from a high vibrational place that too would carry over. And you can have a high vibration when doing it. Why not empower the people attempting this instead of giving them the idea their pain is never ending.
  7. Chakra

    I believe there can be power in it and the way it is done. Surrounding yourself with every little thing that you love and desire then focusing those vibrations into a new life. Putting on songs you love, surrounding yourself with pictures that inspire you, raising your vibration and writing your intent. No one can really say suicide is not part of someone's journey or purpose because they aren't the ones to know or decide it.
  8. Chakra

    I was wondering about this earlier because of the whole Charlottesville thing going on and asked myself "What is the positive aspect?" Then brainstormed how this could be positively affecting us. We've come to understand why people are the way they are and now I find myself interested in seeing the bigger picture. That perspective is what sometimes helps me be neutral towards hate. What do you think?
  9. Chakra

    Hey HolographicLight I can relate to your experience. From my perspective ego death isn't permanent. There are past traumas that are always looking for integration and when they happen it can invoke an egoic reaction which is okay for us to respond in that way. If it were not okay then it would put you into resistance of the process.
  10. Chakra

    It feels like a slippery slope that can lead to perpetual negative focus. Where the focus is on peoples short comings instead of whats good about them. Easier said than done I know especially raised with parents that are very critical.
  11. Chakra

    This would be a good way to practice loving those parts of others as your own, something I am working on myself. What we reject in others we reject in ourself. Now with the poster's topic, I believe just being who we are will lead us to where we want to be. We've come a long way, change is happening it depends where you look.
  12. Introspective and authentic very nice. If only seeing things from source perspective were so easy. Youre doing a great job! I attempted suicide more than I can remember so I know the feeling. Came on here cause I couldn't sleep and Wala saw your post and feel synchronicity. Thank you for sharing and hope you find the answers youre looking for.
  13. Chakra

    Thank you for sharing this Ale, I could learn from whatever advice is given aswell. Following
  14. Chakra

    The universe seems like a Jinn sometimes eh WireX, it gives you what you desire but with a catch lol