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  1. RollinRobie

    Nourish Yourself

    I feel like a test-subject and i like it :) I'm not sure who is researching, but that's ok. Thank you for the impuls/reflection, Teal!
  2. "We came from the depth, but we have never left it. You can not leave yourself behind, but you can. We are also the depth and which holds and explores it." Thank you for all!
  3. without the haters i maybe would not be here. So i have to thank them. And they are making me energetic AND creative... AND nicly anrgyyyy .. for now. Star Wars is just a film. A old one - now is now and the now itself is change. So i am very very curious 'bout the future programs and expiriences. I still love you all. You are and also are not my balance. Even the closest ones are testing me. And they call out with hate and fear. So i have to go and see for myself. If She allows (world) and if i allow.
  4. jump#in-trainZ-ur-dance3 hihih love this tribe so much it hurts well und ..
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