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  1. Mark Bailey

    Congratulations, this is truly a blessing and a accomplishment . This will truly be a get away for everyone from the worries of this world! Just being around positive vibes all around, this place is beautiful indeed . I know that this will be a success and people will come from all over the world, thank you for picking out this spot, it is definitely a good choice Teal! Blessings, Marcus
  2. Mark Bailey

    Hi Amy, good evening this a very interesting topic to discuss. Well, I have to say after reading your post a couple of times to get a good feel for it, I have to agree with Teal that there is some part of us that is drawn in our subconscious mind. A couple of years ago I heard another person who had the gift of picking up on feelings and emotions. She told me the same thing. During this time I fell like was deeply in love with this woman whom, I was deeply , I mean deeply attracted to. However, though she did not have feelings for me like that, it was like I could not see past my feelings, and I wanted to make her like me in that way. And you know the funny thing about it use to hurt me so bad I could not even function right and personality wise she is the exact opposite of me. Eventually though I had to remove myself from being around her, because she would always make me feel bad , but i was still drawn to her some how. So, the way I look at it is maybe the dark side of me was attracted to the dark side aspect of her, but still my higher self would not agree to the match. So after I was more in tune with my higher self more at the time , I was able to break away from the attraction for her and I felt much better. I hope this helps
  3. Mark Bailey

    Hi Teal, these past couple of weeks I have watching your video's and they have been helping me tremendously. I thank you so much for making the time to help people to be enlighten for themselves. I am very sorry that their are people out there that has something against you, because you speak the truth, according to your perspective of what you feel is right. I feel the same as you thus far because the different views I have been feeling lately within myself. When someone is different and stand out some people always seems to have a problem with someone. God or Source created us to be different , so people should respect other people opinions, because we are all made from the same particles. If everyone thought the same this world would be boring in itself. Yes, I come form a Christian background, but I am open to different beliefs as well. There is no one way to truth, and people have to to come to understand this. I agree like you said you have to go by what feels good to you. For example, I like Christian worship music still in all forms, classical, rock , and contemporary. However, on the other-hand I like things centered around Buddhism, crystals, tarot cards and so forth. I was confused at one point, but I just stop fighting the confusion and accept this is who I am , in which even more you helped me to understand this . I've read the "Shadows Before Dawn " book, awesome book! thank so much for writing it, it is helping me to understand myself even better. Blessings, Marcus
  4. Hi Sofia, I just want to say that was a great post you gave on Teal current Blog. Really touching to the heart. Everything that you said on it is what I felt, very inspiring. I feel the same way too since I have been watching Teal's video's and so forth for couple of weeks now. The teaching of her self awareness is so powerful, it is hard for me to retain everything, but I am learning one thing at a time. I hear what the naysayers say as well, but I do not let that deter me, I only follow what feels right to me. Thank you for posting!

    Blessings, Marcus

    1. Sofia Vegan

      Sofia Vegan

      Awww...I am grateful for your words Mark. 

      I wish English was my first language, to enable me to express all that I feel about Teal and her mission.

      I am so glad you discovered Teal's videos and hope her teachings will inspire you to follow your joy/heart/intuition ^_^ 

      Blessings to you too <3

    2. Mark Bailey

      Mark Bailey

      You are most welcome Sofia, it really meant a lot me, because I know what it feels like to be the underdog in the world  and I hate to see injustice done to anybody and what you said really stood out. Well,  you do really good for  English being your second language ^_^. I never notice the difference. Thank you for your feedback as well and may you still continue to be enlighten  as well. :thumbs-up-yahoo-emoticon:

  5. Mark Bailey

    Hi everyone new to this site, love it !, just love it ! I have been browsing through on and off. Learning a lot from Teal's video's and blog's as well. I needed to hear that quote Teal, very inspirational to me. I have a lot of things going on in my life right now and this is going to help me so much, thank you! Blessings, Marcus