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  1. Yea I have many times...I try to be gentle and understanding and supportive too. He says he knows he knows, and that he is working on getting better, but i don’t see progress. This doesn’t mean he isn’t progressing, but not where I feel he should be. Which again it comes back to me and my ego He is a heavy equipment operator! He mainly works in backhoes, skidsteers, loaders, and rarely graders. I have studied it a bit! Kinda confusing because there is so many different types of operating. Where I live though there is only so many choices to choose from. There are the “tickets” you can get for 20,000 dollars that allow you to be certified to operate, but it is a liability thing. Most boys where I live that have them at his age are working at the same level, because it all comes down to experience. It seems like he can’t get ahead :/
  2. Hey, I’m super confused at your post, but I understand you’re upset at what Mark has said. Are you okay? I have taken it completely differently than how you have, if theres any way I can help, let me know xoxo
  3. Hahaha!!!! I think I do! I mean thatswhy I fell in love with him. I love Aries men ❤️. I mean I want think I do validate the aries . Can you give examples? I feel like he trys to exuberate them but attracts experiences that hinder this. I do help him as he comes to me for guidance support as well! And I’m not afraid to tell him like it is ;)(he can handle it). @Mark Joseph Middleton
  4. Hehe this is so funny because he is so passionate about operating, he loves it, it is like play for him! I was quite vague in my post but both you and Mark felt how I was when I wrote the post, super cool :). And I do believe the universe is doing exactly what you say, he’s an aries and has a lot of fire in his natal chart so he burns quickly and can be stubborn. All I want is him to figure it out, without me interveining and stepping over boundaries, I want him to be the supporter(traditional male role), and I feel he does too, but aomething in him feels like he can’t or doesn’t deserve to. And it makes me mad because i can’t do anything about that!!!! It’s like for me, it’s about acceptance and letting go, and having trust. Which is hard :p
  5. Hey thanks for your help:) I really appreciate it I never thought of it as him staying for comfort, and familiarity. I feel like that is part of it, because each winter this happens. He trys to get work with higher quality companies that do regular work all year round but he cannot seem to do so. It’s like his problem has become mine. I want him to do well because it will make me feel better. Also him, but I think my anxiety comes from more of a selfish place. But his problem is my problem because I am facing these feelings in my reality, I’m just not sure how to connect the pieces as to what is in me to have this going on. Is it me needing to let go and trust and have faith? Because I lack that. I want to possibly spend my life with him, but this happening makes me feel uncertain about my future with him because I feel like he can’t make certain headway of what his goals are. I feel very frusterated 😞
  6. Kels

    Too crazy I got green around the head and then pinky purple following. Just as you put! Cheers
  7. Hey ! Thanks for stoppin by!

  8. My boyfriend is having financial issues Hey, good evening Haven't wrote or been on in a while, I always love it here. I love this community :). I'm having major anxiety for my bf because he is having issues with having steady work as he is an operator, but does not have a "great" job where he gets to work all year round. So his cheques have been coming up short from lack of snow(where I live it's snowy in the winter). And I'm wondering if anyone can read into my energy on this post, or have insight as to why myself am involved but not directly, and how I can overcome it, and maybe help him as well. I hate to see him suffer, and I am too. We don't live together he lives on his own, while his family is far, and I live with my mom still because I am a student. Thanks guys! Kels
  9. Kels

    Do you know where I could find moderators like Teal around here to do that? I don't know anyone in my waking in life to have the understanding to help guide me. My bf knows and has supported me, but it's still a bit hard for him. And trust it has been an excruciating battle, of which I am still fighting. I love him so very much and love being with him, then he does those certain things and the meaning I've attained to accompany that with is that he doesn't have love for me. It's all one big circle of triggering hell for myself. But I have been vocal of what I need, and he understands, but our situation makes it a bit harder to do that. But none the less, I try to differentiate him with my father, because he is not him. He is much more than him. Thanks for the compliment, made me feel good (I really like this one, and I don't want to keep running from myself )
  10. Kels

    I feel connected to my bf but because I have trauma relating to my dad, and he will reflect it with a certain behaviour, it triggers me. I wasn't physically abused, but maybe emotionally. Do you have advice on how to work into that?
  11. Kels

    OMG I feel this. Girrrlll let's be friends !!!! xx Wow definitely needed to hear that thank you so much xoxo You're a blessing Walt do you feel like expanding on that for me? Hit a note there
  12. Find a way to feel okay with it being in the universe forever xx
  13. Kels

    Hello! This is an awesome question fitting for around Valentine's Day. I perceive romantic relationships as MY highest form of connecting with my higher self possible. I know that I am ignorant to my own shadow side, and therefore I know I learn and see myself through my mate much easier than being alone. I desire to be with a Man because I crave Him. I crave the physical intimacy(hugging, hand holding, kissing, squishy, humping, love making), the emotional intimacy(the crying, the unconditional support, the deep dark secret sharing, and the closeness that you get between one another), but also just the company of having a partner that loves to be with me just as much as I love to be with them. I crave to crave Him. That is how my consciousness has come to fill one role for itself in my life here. I crave it simply because it feels gooooood Everyone will have their own separate reasons why they want a partner, or why they don't. And their will be groups of people who collectively want a partner for the same reasons. You just have to ask yourself, why do I want one, and why do I not want one? And take it further...
  14. Hi Llisa First thing that came to my mind regarding your questions was "I've lost the taste for life"; or zest, if you will. Because of the pain medicine, and then also lack of pain medicine definitely could be contributing to why you are not finding healthy foods tasteful, but its not the question I would ask. I would ask what is causing the chronic pain and autoimmune disease in the first place(pertaining to your emotional and feeling body). Healthy foods hold a high particular vibration(depending what you are consuming) fruits being the highest(they offer themselves because we don't have to pull them out of the ground like a vegetable). And if you are in a low non vibratory match(or resistant state) to that foods vibration, it may cause this repulsive reaction within your being because it is not a sound match for you. Does that make sense at all? So an autoimmune disease connects to the body attacking itself, this is partly how one may describe such thing. What in your life has happened to you, that was painful and traumatic, that could be connecting to your illness>? You may not get a picture or memory, just a "feeling". We may attack ourselves because we may think it is helping us achieve some need, like the need to be secure, and if we hurt ourselves first, no one else can, or get the upper hand, so to say. It could also underlyingly signifying your lack of wanting to be here on our dimension. Do you want to be here? What are you committing to? Life, or Death? Which would you prefer? May this may help you find the answers you have been searching for. xoxo
  15. My Pleasure Thank you, that means a lot actually. My bf is very supportive and tells me she doesn't understand or isn't mentally where I am, which is true to an extent, but it is painful. I am slowly coming close to terms with what has been happening, but still hurts. I feel a bit betrayed you know? I actually don't live around L.A. I'm above you and to the right bit, Calgary Alberta Canada actually. I love it here, but I feel a sense of loneliness in my home town too. My city consists basically of rednecks, immigrants, or home grown Calgarian's like myself. I have wanted to come to California for a long time, as well as Arizona and Utah and all those states. It seems that perpetual loneliness is a bit more constant for L.A specifically. Everyone is willing to do anything to get where they want to be, but being their false selves, that's where the lack of connection and understanding happens I think. Sounds great I'll take you up on that offer!