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  1. Angelica Minguez

    Middle East

    That's beautiful
  2. Christopher Robin and Eeyore are the ones that resonate most. Lol. Every single living thing is an imagined concept in my head that I project onto them, without actually 'seeing' them.
  3. Angelica Minguez

    Life In One Word

    Meaningless. Lol
  4. Angelica Minguez

    Independence Day

    This is fucking amazing. I love it so much.
  5. I'm really glad Teal ended up talking about disorganized attachment. I didn't realize that's how it was for me until she did. I cried when she talked about it. It sucks. It really, really sucks. But I'm really glad to know this about myself. Because the desperation for closeness and sudden aversion as soon as I get it has been...a real fucking torment. I am like a damaged pit bull. I suppose we all are. I'm just glad that I know. Lol. I'm in pain. OH MY GOSH. SO MUCH INSIGHT. I also operate from the transferred belief of, "If I do _____, then I am useless, so no one will like me, so they'll leave me. I'll be alone. I also struggle with taking someone's best interests as mine. I don't know whether I really want to either.
  6. ?? I love it. Thank you. This actually validated what I thought of as an answer.
  7. I think I always need this reminder. I wonder, though, how do you avoid the trap of--after knowing that unconditional presence heals so intensely--being "unconditionally" present with the possible expectation of healing, of yourself or the other person? I fall into it all the damn time.
  8. I wish my pouts were as adorable and piercing as Winter's!
  9. Agreed! You guys aren't/weren't boring at all--enjoyed it, and found it funny! In fact, I love this unintentional turn of style, in which you guys banter and be tired and goofy, and not really having a prerogative to talk. Maybe once in a while? Also, yes, the free content is extraordinarily helpful. I cannot believe you're able find it within yourself to put all that work into so much that's free--when I could barely function enough to do a single productive thing that may or not serve my own success/future. It's seriously amazing.
  10. Wow. I hope I can go there one day, too. I can't even imagine what it'd be like right now...
  11. That's such a beautiful relationship c':
  12. Teal! Love you! I must say, I have reached a point where I finally have direction, and passions I can actually pursue, and want to pursue now. This is perfect--perfect timing. Thank you!
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