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  1. This is very moving. I was medicated for anxiety at the age of 8 or 9. I had no say. It wasn't okay to be as sensitive as I was. I think I was cheated In a way. From there it was years of medication changes and rat testing on a small 90's child. As an adult I've had to parent a lot of things inside. I'd like to know how I can feel safer. Mania feels like a lion is constantly chasing me. In high danger 24/7. I'm happy there is a lot more dialogue about mental illness. It is very important key to help stop suffering. I will write a book on it.?
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    I hate socks as well! I'm very sensitive to fabrics, I can only wear things that feel like silk because my body will itch. I end up wearing the same things everyday because Of it. I definitely have sensory overload with most things. Smell, taste, lighting, loud noises. I hate cucumbers, I can smell them from a mile away and I can't think! Being a vegan, cucumbers are always surrounding me and it's wicked gross. ??
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