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Premium Record Comments posted by Free Spirit

  1. I’m surprised since it has sugar, high fructose corn syrup, milk and sorbitol in it. But I absolutely appreciate your honesty. I usually do wonder if you break your diet and lifestyle on occasion. Refreshing to see your human side 

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  2. That’s why they called The Dark Crystal series “The Age of Resistance” it DID go back to light versus dark. Episode 7 gave us a glimpse into the truth of integration. I’m hoping the next series will be “The Age of Integration” 

    Much Love

    Stephanie Meyer


  3. I feel you Teal!  I'm with you ALL THE WAY.  Solutions Revolution!  Dark and Light Unite!

    Genuine healing and revolution!  Not escapism positivity.  Let's make a world we don't have to cope with!

    Love Loves!

    Stephanie Meyer

  4. The male split video was Shadow Masculine versus Divine Masculine.  The men who don't want the "traditional role" are usually the hippy guys that don't take responsibility and mistake it for freedom.  But Teal showed us Divine Masculine, the already integrated man, who takes responsibility and ownership of everything.  

    Next time I would like her to redo the female split and show us the already integrated Divine Feminine.  The one who guides with insight, intuition, and inspiration.  The one who Heals, and leads everyone back into their hearts.  She was not channeled in the female split video.  

  5. Awe, I was there for your birthday in Santa Fe 2013 workshop.  We were at your art showing at the hotel.  Then they brought you a vegan, gluten-free, sugar free cake.  It was cute.  


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