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  1. IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD!!!   We expect women to hold to weight of the world on her shoulders, and look good while doing it, smiling and never complaining.   Then she is called weak and a cunt when she fails or complains.  We put mom under INTOLERABLE conditions, then we wonder why she goes crazy!!!    

  2. Speaking of Motherhood.... Darkness is what I call The Grand Cosmic Mother.  

    If Darkness gave birth to Light, then Darkness is the Mother of Light, Creator of The Sun.  Darkness is the original Mother Mary, and the immaculate conception and virgin birth was originally the story of darkness making light.  But we shun darkness and worship light.  Patriarchal society tells us that women are secondary to men, like the Earth and Moon, revolving around The (male) Sun.  And darkness is evil nothingness.  I could not think of a more brilliant lie, and a more perfect excuse to masculinize god.  No wonder everything is backwards.  

    I dream of a world, where darkness is celebrated as the creator of light.  Where women are seen as primary creators, not secondary receivers.  She is seen as the reason light exists in the first place.  And men protect and support the life process, rather then exploit and profit from her labor 

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  3. I remember when I was in the psych ward as a teenager, and the doctor said my diag-nonsense was "you have a little bit of everything".   My friend told me... "It means you are normal."  HA!  Well rounded in the emotional realm.  They could fuck my brain with chemicals... but they couldn't change my mind.  

    I made it out of that hell hole partially alive.  And learning to feel revives me everyday 

    Much love, 

    Stephanie Meyer

  4. I excel in the mental and spiritual realms... also with verbal communication.  That is why I too, feel like a sports player who has been "benched" because both my children are under the age of 5.  I can't wait until they turn 8!  But I'll try to cherish the baby phase while it lasts. ;) 

    Winter looks like a precious pixie elf.  I bet he will remain super advanced in the spiritual realm, even as an adult 


    Stephanie Meyer

  5. JP is the perfect person to help us recognize the humor in spirituality.  

    I lived life depressed because when I was happy, a family member would always try to bring me down about it.  They would ask with a disgusted look... "Why?"  But then when I was depressed, they would say shit like "you create your own reality" or "be positive"... HA!  

  6. On that note... I also believe that the collapse will first happen in the mind.  And a collapse on the spiritual level Even More So then it already has.  

    Higher beings are not only for the collapse, they are for the rising of the spirit.  The creation of a new world.  And not just any, the rise of The Divine Plan.  The Master Plan.   The return of "Christ Consciousness".  These higher beings are sending us the blueprint.  And it is up to us... the received the plan (much like a download) and build it!    

    We, as architects of the new world, must be here to alter, not just the physical, but also the consciousness.  To orchestrate new Collective Beliefs.  Somehow I feel as if there is something I must do...  yet, I fear crucifixion.   And I fear that I would present it wrong... or that people would interpret it as evil.   Ultimately I must somehow remove my ego, and allow higher power to use me as the mouthpiece.  

    The Bible is being rewritten.  Or shall I say... Remembered.   The story of The Holy Mother is coming back.  And somehow this will bring balance back to the universe 

  7. I feel like I am prepared for ANYTHING... I have an off-grid trailer, land in the mountains, next to an artesian water well... except that my food comes from the grocery store!  Oh, and I would have to put gas in the car to move the trailer.  LOL.  AHahaha!!!  

    But at the same time, I have been learning to identify wild edibles, and do a juice fast using only local wild herbs, and now I will either prepare a garden, or make friends with the local organic farmers!  (Probably both)  And maybe find an expert to convert the car to run off vegetable oil or water.  I am so done with being dependent on this fucked up system!  Much like a child dependent upon abusive parents... I am opting out!!  

    May God be with us!  May the spirit always guide us!  :)  Much love

    Stephanie Meyer

  8. Beautiful.  

    This speaks to me so deeply.  I have been becoming aware of my "figments" lately.  First, I was a match to people who believe they are God and the savior of earth... while they are getting high.  HAHA!   But we All are fractals of God and All play a role in earth's transformation.  When we become attached to ourselves... we think its just us.  

    On the other hand, I created figments of celestial beings that were coming to help save humanity.  Kinda waiting for (or hoping) for a savior.  I look for evidence in the sky, and even see sacred geometry in the light.  I want desperately to believe there is something coming to help us (other then just ourselves).  It could be true.  But it could also be a figment.  I have come to terms with it now.  

    But if the legends are true... anything is possible.  I will remain open to possibility.  And not get lost in the figments.  

    Much Love, Stephanie Meyer


  9. Magic kingdom.  Yes, I have ventured there many times.  Except mine has alive rainbows and ferries and mushrooms.  Its called Spirit Tribe and we all have powers.  Haha!  It is my happy place.  The one I must learn to integrate in 3D reality.  

  10. You are so right about the immigrants.  I spent time studying in Spain, and I have never seen so many homeless Muslim women and children immigrants in my entire life.  Muslim women praying in the streets night after night, day after day.  There were riots because of homelessness and unemployment.  

    I can't imagine what the Muslim immigrants in Britain will do.  Many of them are in better condition then the ones in Spain, but I'm sure they feel left behind, and the backs turned on them.  This is the same fear that we spread with Trump theology.  Haha.  

    What are the answers?  I say lets build self-sufficient, sustainable, intentional communities that promote life!  And TEACH those in need how to build their own!  We can build Earthships out of recycled material!  Google it!  And of course, we must AWAKEN!  Unite in love (instead of divide in fear).  RALLY THE AWAKENED!  

    We can end war by giving love instead!

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