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  1. Lina77

    Portland Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    I’ll try to explain this based on how I understood it: people call her lazy. And she’s in resistance to that. She said herself that once she dropped her own resistance to being lazy, other truths came up, finishing with the fact that in reality she has parts of her which are really exhausted (from childhood she shared as an 8 years old she worked full time helping her mom, even on weekends). So behind her resistance to being lazy, is really her resistance to being tired, which is difficult to find if you are resisting what’s seen on the surface by others (I.e. laziness). So, in conclusion, as I got it, when she lets go of her resistance to her tiredness and validates the aspects that are truly tired plus gives herself a rest when needed the so perceived laziness by others will disappear. Let me know what you think. I agree it’s not so trivial, but that’s what I made of it. All the best
  2. Lina77

    Portland Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Here’s the rest, in case someone is interested: About not having a career ( as I left mine to be with my kids and so to find my true passion and do what I love) once I dropped my resistance to not having a career what came up was pain form really needing to feel valuable and capable in doing great work combined with a proper environment where we are a team and connected so work and productivity flow. That’s what I’m really missing in my life, and so it is painful when people label me as not having a career. In conclusion: When I let go of my resistance to the fact that I don’t have a great job yet, including a nice environment where we are connected so work flows, and focus on how I can get there and what exactly would I like, the career comment won’t do anything to me, and/ or will disappear Ok, now for being beautiful. There’s my resistance to that and after I dropped it, I could feel my pain from only being liked and having value due to my physical appearance ( now only my face due to the overweight part). So, I’ve made that mean that i have no other qualities, and if someone doesn’t find me beautiful, then I have no value at all. So consequently, I’m in resistance to the fact that there’s so much more to me than physical beauty and in conclusion when I manage to gather proof and see all that I’m valuable for, then my reaction to being told I’m pretty will shift, or maybe even I’ll be told things like you are witty, kind, compassionate, thorough, smart, attractive and so on ( yes, i need to work on that ). Lastly, for my PhD. This one is a bit different as it was coming mostly from my family members. They were very proudly announcing I’m a PhD when meeting other people. I’m in resistance to that because it implies that I’m only worthy and a reason to be proud of, just because I stayed long enough at the university, and not because of the person I’m with everything that’s me. So, I guess, I’m myself in resistance to the fact that I’m good enough and worthy with all that I’m, and this wouldn’t change even if I had no PhD. This one will be hard work to master, especially now that I live in Austria. Here, people get called with all the titles they have in from of their names like Mag, PhD, etc I’ve never experienced that before ... Does anyone relate? Thanks again Teal and team
  3. Lina77

    Portland Workshop 2019 - 1/2

    Thanks for sharing the workshop! I also feel it was great. Thanks for the resistance exercise! It was very helpful to explore my resistance to being told regularly that I’m overweight, as well as i don’t have a career. And two positive things I’m resisting are I’m beautiful and I have a PhD. When I dropped my resistance to being overweight, what came up was I’m not really comfortable with who and how I am right now. There’s this constant wish to change and better myself like I’m never good enough in this moment. Also, very similar to Gracie, there’s the component of never resting my body enough exactly because people label me as lazy, when in reality I’m just exhausted and I really need to be resting before doing more. I can not describe with words how much of what Gracie found out on stage is actually true for me too. In conclusion: I’m in resistance to being comfortable with myself now, as well as to being tired. So, When I stop resisting how and who I am right now, and focus on feeling comfortable in my skin right now, as well as taking rests when needed then the overweight comments won’t bother me, or even will disappear Now, I have to really do it!
  4. Lina77

    Liver Flush

    Yes, the alternative is sour cherry juice and the amount is just a quarter of the amount of apple juice needed to make sure there’s enough malic acid to soften the stones and help remove them. I have found a brand i love by trying a few online. it isn’t the cheepest way though. Another alternative is malic acid in powder dissolved in water. It is cheaper but for me not as tasty as the cherry juice.
  5. Lina77

    Liver Flush

    I worried too wether i will tolerate the flush, especially drinking the oil. what helped me to mentally prepare is Andreas Moritz’s book called The amazing liver and gallbladder flush. There he describes the multiple positive aspects and benefits of the flush which for me was really needed to ensure i’m going into this well prepared. Of course the procedure is also very precise and suggestions for complications are included. To recap: Being well informed about the flush was for me the key to go with it and trust the process and my body
  6. Lina77

    Liver Flush

    I’ve tried the liver flush. I started in 2017, early May if I recall correctly. I’ve done 22 total flushes. Tonight I have my 23rd. What a synchronicity! I recall after the first one, my skin looked gorgeous, I felt years younger, totally refreshed and renewed. I was consistent for the first 8 flushes, doing one every 4 weeks and I released stones every time. The biggest ones though came after I went to Munich for the 5th element workshop. I remember Teal doing the ceremony for taking our hardships away by burning our written lists with stuff we no longer want. Few days after that, I had my best flush with the biggest stones (with size as big as my thumb). This also triggered many emotions to come out and I had a period with lots of tears. After that, several things made me stop the flushes for over 6 months. As others say, there are parts of us that may not agree with this treatment and I had to respect mine. However I wasn’t feeling all that well and soon resumed the flushes. I had several other very powerful with 70grams being my biggest measured stone release. Most of the time the first two weeks after a flush I feel extremely well, then well until the next round. I would recommend the flush to anyone who feels inside they should do it. I remember well, I knew my choice - which was I have to try it. I have thyroid problem (Hashimoto). I read that one of the first protocols for reversing this condition is to take care of the liver. Then around the same time Teal spoke about the liver flushes and i knew i have to try them. Fortunately for me, I feel quite similar as Teal after the flush. Wishing success to everyone who feels called to try them!
  7. Lina77


    I too believe what Teal is saying. I have almost completely cut dairy products from my diet. I would occasionally eat an egg or put butter on my toast. If it happens that i taste something with milk or cream (usually when invited for a meal) I get immediate adverse reaction in my stomach. I’m doing the liver flushes too for a while now. Have been gluten free for two years and sugar is not my friend, the refined one is out of my diet. I totally relate to what Teal says that it’s fun to invite her for a meal. I’m causing similar problems in the area where I live and also for the family visits. Now, I’m guilty of eating meat from time to time. I tried to go meat free, and for a few weeks at a time it works well. Then, I feel my body gets week and assume meat is the only remedy. I guess the problem for many of us, especially those raised with animal products, is that a new, totally vegan diet requires good recipes and variety. I feel limited and get bored by the few things I know. But also have to say that I’m learning a lot about ingredients i’ve never heard before in my life which contribute for a yummy vegan meal. So, it is a process that takes time for many of us, and a nice book with vegan goodness would be very helpful. Looking forward to Teal’s cookbook.
  8. Lina77

    Hot Seat

    and the successful person i admire is Teal, i held back from saying it, many reasons for that, now that i’m aware it’s mostly shame of being fully authentic, i chose to say it ? it helped that a few others also felt they want to be Teal for a day ?
  9. Lina77

    Hot Seat

    For an instant I thought i want to be someone grown up and successful whom i admire, and even before Teal said she chose to be her son for a day, i too have decided i want to be my younger daughter for a day.
  10. Lina77

    Sibling Trauma

    I relate to this too. What's even more painful is that despite my efforts to do it differently with my kids, I didn't quite succeed to make it right. In my eyes then (when the second one was born) it looked like I'm making an improvement and yes, it was compared to my situation as a child. Now, I Hope that by being more conscious I can make (and maintain) our bubbles intersecting and really be able to feel my girls' realities, especially the first born. Much love (h)
  11. Lina77

    Confused Genetics

    And also, I meant to say: Teal, I admire you for your strong will to be so self loving that even when so tempted, you choose not to have the chocolate ? Hope you can soon have one, without the sugar ?
  12. Lina77

    Confused Genetics

    Seeing you now in Switzerland makes me even more sad that I’m so close distancewise to you and still not coming to the Mirror ? ( not easy to find someone to look after my kids while there and financially challenged)...I have some of my best moments last year in Munich at the 5th element Looking forward to watching it online. Will you be sharing parts of this event with us on Premium?
  13. Are there people streaming the event right now? My video stopped fuve minutes ago, it says “currently not broadcasting “ I wonder, is it just me?
  14. Lina77

    Intentional Communities

    I love the idea of connection community! It warms my heart only hearing about it ?
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