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  1. avilesandres

    I should visit NY
  2. avilesandres

    The girl at the end made me uncomfortable as well. It was a good conversation and Teal managed it very well but it was very uncomfortable to watch, I'm glad it all went well.
  3. avilesandres

    I'm from CDMX
  4. avilesandres

    This is so good! Is this the only reason for binge eating or is it the main one from a couple?
  5. avilesandres

    My pulse did go up when I saw that there was a forecast for 2018.
  6. avilesandres

    This is deep.
  7. avilesandres

    Teal, I love it when you share this kind of pictures on instagram, to me it says that life is supposed to be fun and amazing. Whereas when you share negative things, I get it, but it also makes think of how difficult it is to be overcome the past and be happy. I study finance and I have a good relationship with money, so maybe that's why I get it.
  8. avilesandres

    This is too deep and intense.
  9. avilesandres

  10. avilesandres

    Mexico is like that too. You're still in America, just not the US
  11. avilesandres

    I dreamt that I was hosting one of your events in my city.
  12. avilesandres

    That sucks. I wish they would just live and let live.
  13. avilesandres

    Felicidades! I'm sure it will be amazing
  14. avilesandres

  15. avilesandres

    Love you