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  1. Adam Danek

    But really for You and ALL YOU looking for soulmates: Soulmates we do meet in our daily life. When we get to know eich other through travel, work, hobby, interest, etc.. Share yourSelf and you will find your soulmates/ Please, and share what You do with passion, what you are up to. and my suggestion on that: look for the Spirit not spirituality
  2. Adam Danek

    Do not give up Kalle! Even if are many unicorns here
  3. Adam Danek

    Hej! W koncu sie ktos ujawnil Mieszkam w Norwegi, chociaz czasem odwiedzam Polske a jeszcze czesciej Slask Skoro juz nas kilku to pojawia sie pytanie kto tlumaczy wideo Teal rodakom? Zach mowil mi kiedys, ze ktos sie tym zajmuje i chwala temu komus, jednak 8 filmikow na YT to troche malo ktos chetny do podkladania napisow?