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  1. Hi Marcel,

    I enjoyed reading your comment to Teal and conversations with others on the Cacao Blog post. What you said rang true to me. 

    I myself am very bad at receiving feedback, which I tend to take extremely personally. I feel as though I am ruled by my ego. Can you offer any advice on developing emotional maturity?



    1. Marcel


      Hi Sadhbh,

      Yeah, how to become a true mirror for others? This message is 'channelled' by the way. Or to put it in other words: I'm fully connected to the collective consciousness. Or again in other words: I've got the 11th dimensional perspective. So, how to get there? Commit to being yourself, without fear or shame or guilt. It's doable within a decade. And you will be guided by the Universe. You have no idea yet who you truly are, but here's a little secret. You are the Big Boss walking around in your own creation. No kidding 😎

      Teal is the one to heal the inner child, but also Bashar, Abraham-Hicks and Kryon may have messages for you. The field speaks to you all the time with intuition, by symbols, through others. And you can communicate to it through your merkabah, and with conscious thought. You can learn it too. You only have to decide you want it. And follow your feelings.

      One warning. You'll be walking into a storm, that strips you of everything you were... That's what it is at times. That is conscious living. Fully allowing your emotions, and each experience makes you stronger. That is learning emotional maturity. That ancient wisdom is in your DNA...


    2. Sadhbh


      Thank you Marcel