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  1. New York City Is anyone here thinking of moving to New York City soon?
  2. Valeria

    Moving to LA Hey guys I’m moving to LA in a month! Does anyone live in the Silverlake area? There’s a place I’m possibly moving to over there.
  3. Valeria

    Lonely I am feeling super lonely and am surrounded by people who make me feel more alone. If anyone is going through this please message me so I don’t feel like I’m going crazy. Thanks.
  4. Valeria

    I’m moving to LA too. Have you found a place yet?
  5. Valeria

    Does anyone else really resonate with the last guy who was suicidal and had to accept the futility of his familial relationships? I feel that way a lot and was wondering if anyone else did.
  6. Valeria

    We're in this together
  7. Valeria

    Thanks. I'm working on learning to see myself. Past what I've been taught to believe about me. I agree that I feel like I'm in a phase where I need to discover myself more. I do think a large part of my discomfort is that I've been with the wrong people. People who I didn't really relate to.
  8. Valeria

    Does anyone here find it difficult to talk to people? I used to be okay, self conscious, but okay but now I'm a mess socially. I don't know. In some ways I feel more confident in other ways, I've never been so insecure. Being with people and noticing how uncomfortable and nervous and worthless I feel makes me feel alone like something is wrong with me. I'm scared that I am worthless and a mess. Sometimes I can't believe just how awkward I've been. And I feel like other people are noticing and condemning the way I'm behaving which just makes it worse. I'm in a prison of insecurity. I don't even know how to begin to become confident. I just want to feel like I'm not alone in this and that I'm not a complete loser. I just want someone to see me.