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    Singing Decoding messages in media (Animes, video games, ...) Solving equations Writing Painting Playing the piano Giving advice Designing a room/space Designing text Writing a poem Being a lighthouse Developing a video game Expressing a story, which is coming through me Channeling a melody [...]
  2. Thank you Teal. Could you do an Ask Teal episode of that at some point and explaining it in more detail? And also on how to practice it step by step.
  3. Lichtverbunden

    Taking Requests

    Hi Teal and everyone who is there, What does it mean, when I feel, that I am not from earth, but from another planet and I came to earth with others from the same planet, thousands and thousands of years ago. It was peaceful for a while, but something really terrifying happened and humanity fell so to speak. I couldn't do anything and at some point I decided to incarnate as a human to help out humanity to reach our future we are suppose to reach. I'm unsure if that's true or just an imagination of mine. It feels very deep and I get emotional about it though. How can we deal with pain, when it is just too much to bear? When every task is overwhelming? When being "an adult" is too much. When I am not ready for responsability being 29 years old for example? Thank you. Sincerely, Ken
  4. Are we also a vibrational match to readings for example, if we watch the video in the aftermath?
  5. Thank you Blake and Teal for this video. The strengths I normalize are: Being able to handle technology (Computers, Smartphones, Consoles, etc.) Being able to see what someone is feeling deep within Being able to hit the right notes, when singing Being able to "channel" melodies My intuition Being able to write with my intuition Being able to compose melodies intuitively on the piano Being able to perceive my own feelings Being able to be soft, understanding, soothing and fully present* Being able to perceive aesthetics Being able to perceive my desires and longings Being able to see deep truths especially in certain TV shows and video games Being able to use words, which express exactly what I mean Being able to preserve a bit of my childlike naivety** Being depy touched by perceived truths (for example in TV shows and video games)*** Being able to see the good in others Being able to sense what impacts surroundings have on me Still being alive, even when feeling deeply sad, hopeless and desperate *I want to mention that I perceive this strength in me as a potential, but through many of my traumas I'm yet not able to express it in my daily life **I perceive naivety as something worth holding on to, especially when the world is getting colder and colder ***I see this as something beautiful and I wish I could share this "feeling" with others so much I'm sure there are much more strengths I'm yet unable to see
  6. I feel supported by being inspired. Because of a "How to write a song"-video I saw, I was inspired to write poem about and to a part of me, that went very deep. I feel supported by a completionist, who is able to hold all of me. I feel supported by this video of yours, Teal. Thank you! And surely there is more.
  7. Thank you for your message and for your invitation to contact you. I think I would prefer writing you via private message here. Whatsapp is phone only and I do not like that so much. That way I would need to check my phone regulary, because I turn off sounds for most apps, so I don't get frightened by it (I hope to fright is the right verb. I'm from Luxembourg and so my vocabulary isn't the best). Facebook and Whatsapp are not safe either... Sadly... So I would write you here a via private message. Thank you again for inviting me.
  8. I see. Maybe, that's true. But I also mean from a human perspective. I don't know what drove me as a child before any trauma. Now I'm longing for physical closeness, because I never had it in my family. I'm longing for a much softer world than ours. So through trauma I have something that drives me, although it feels like I'm mostly on the edge of life an death inside myself. I would not commit suicid, something is holding me back from that. But a part doesn't want to live either. I often feel desperate and helpless. At the moment I know no way how to live a happy life.
  9. Thank you for your answer. I do not understand what you mean though. Maybe it is because of the structure of your sentence or it is something I cannot understand yet.
  10. I, myself, don't know. I don't really know what drove me before having trauma. That feels like a vacuum. I want to show everyone I know the animes (japanese cartoons) I love due to their soft nature unlike our world which feels harsh and cold to me. But wanting to show these to everyone is because of trauma. I don't know who I am without trauma. That feels really sad to me right now. I'm really touched by you both Teal and Blake. Thank you.
  11. A new journey will begin. :-) Thank you, Teal!
  12. Hi Teal and to everyone else. Thank you for your blog on Luxembourg, that means a lot to me, because I myself am from Luxembourg and I can confirm that a lot of people are closed up inside as if they had experienced a lot of pain, what they surely had. On the other hand, Luxembourg feels to me like a safe place, like home. I'm feeling the urge opening up people's hearts, but first I have to allow me that first. Thank you Teal. Léif Gréiss aus Lëtzebuerg. :-)

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