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  1. wilshirist

    Sauna Meditation

    If it's a traditional sauna, you're supposed to be naked.
  2. What do I think about that? Honestly? I think that there are already multiple Ask Teal episodes on this topic. I don't remember their names exactly, but I've watched all of the videos and I remember Teal talking about this topic many times in the past.
  3. wilshirist

    Yoni Steaming

    This left me with more questions than it answered.
  4. wilshirist

    Taking Requests

    I would like to see... - healing anecdotes / stories about the clients you have worked with - tips on how to work with the energies and cycles in the universe - recipes / food tips - more on how to use the frequency paintings / products - info on plants and crystals and how to use them - info on the vibration of specific physical illnesses / symptoms as well as body parts - stories about your personal authentic struggles, vulnerability from you - info on how your work / company operates, who works there, how much they get paid, transparency Thanks!
  5. What intensive with what client? Who are they? What are you doing with them? I'm so curious! You don't typically do one-on-one sessions, right?
  6. I have two questions then: 1. Are ear candles' origins with the Hopi Native American tribe? If so, what did they use them for? 2. What is the purpose of ear wax? What would you say to someone who has so much ear wax build up that they can't hear properly and they have to remove the wax?
  7. wilshirist

    Star Wars Characters

    I identify with R2D2 and Yoda. I like Jar Jar by the way.
  8. wilshirist

    Christmas Traditions

    What's the diet that you're on and why you're on it? Our Christmas traditions include eating smoked fish and blue cheese, watching a Christmas movie (this year it was Elf) and surprisingly, cleaning.
  9. wilshirist

    Connection Tip: Bids

    Teal, can you sometimes tell the story of how you made your first frequency painting? Or how you started making them?
  10. A cat mermaid wearing a Christmas hat might be one of the most awesome things ever created.
  11. At first, I couldn’t think of anything, but you made me realize that I collected stickers as a kid and in fact, still do! I just bought some animals with Christmas hats on. And one of them is a cat mermaid. I mean, come on! I realized that as a teenager I also collected Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts. And now I also collect teas in some way, I guess.
  12. I’m going to try exercise before a meal and look deeper into how that feels. I definitely remember that food tastes better after exercise. It’s good to know about the hormone balance as well. Also I think that connecting with sexual energies has a similar effect: relaxing, warming and grounding, and it can help with overeating.
  13. Thanks for the tip! I searched "joint compression exercise" and all I found was how to help kids with ADHD calm down by manually compressing their joints. Maybe it's not ideal, but my husband did it to me and it works too. Another thing that works is TRE. Trauma Release Exercise. Not for joint compression, for stress release.
  14. What types of joint compression exercises are there?

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