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  1. A cat mermaid wearing a Christmas hat might be one of the most awesome things ever created.
  2. At first, I couldn’t think of anything, but you made me realize that I collected stickers as a kid and in fact, still do! I just bought some animals with Christmas hats on. And one of them is a cat mermaid. I mean, come on! I realized that as a teenager I also collected Hard Rock Cafe t-shirts. And now I also collect teas in some way, I guess.
  3. I’m going to try exercise before a meal and look deeper into how that feels. I definitely remember that food tastes better after exercise. It’s good to know about the hormone balance as well. Also I think that connecting with sexual energies has a similar effect: relaxing, warming and grounding, and it can help with overeating.
  4. Thanks for the tip! I searched "joint compression exercise" and all I found was how to help kids with ADHD calm down by manually compressing their joints. Maybe it's not ideal, but my husband did it to me and it works too. Another thing that works is TRE. Trauma Release Exercise. Not for joint compression, for stress release.
  5. What types of joint compression exercises are there?
  6. wilshirist

    Ski Season Is Open

    I haven't done much winter sports during my life, but last winter my husband and I were at a ski resort (in a spa) and we almost rented skis and went downhill skiing. That same winter when my husband was still working at a sports equipment store, he almost bought us skis but then didn't. Now he regrets it. We've been talking about actually doing it this winter. So it very well might be that we will go downhill skiing in the upcoming months! My dream would be to combine it with a spa.
  7. wilshirist

    Seasons Change

    I bought some black obsidian rocks a while back, because I thought I'd put them in plant pots and help them ground. Well, turns out not all plants like them. Some are thriving though. Also, I feel like at least one of the rocks is mad at me and I have no idea what I did wrong. I'll try putting it with the rest. Maybe it just didn't want to be separated?
  8. wilshirist

    A Closed Door

    I have a question about the doors. What if the open doors in my life look like pain? Is it a matter of "which pain do I choose"? Does it only look like pain or is it really pain? Am I projecting? For example let's say that what I want is a client. Then I get a client (open door), but the client comes with conditions. If I take on this project, I will not get paid, for example, and that is painful. Then let's say I ask for another client, one that pays this time. Then I get a paying client, but again, there is a painful condition. Now the project itself, what the client wants, is somehow a
  9. I don't understand. So many conscious people choosing not to have babies. Wouldn't the universe benefit from more conscious people?
  10. I'm training to become a therapist and I feel like I'm ready to start taking clients, but the clients aren't coming. I also started a business and the clients aren't showing up there either. I've been feeling really stuck and now I know there's a reason!
  11. wilshirist

    Haunted Painting

    Wow! I’m not sure but it’s almost like she’s related to me in some way
  12. wilshirist


    My hobbies include: - astrology - knitting - playing the ukulele and singing - baking and decorating cakes - calendar and planner decorating - witchy things - hiking and camping
  13. Surprised to see so many of my favourite movies on this list! V for Vendetta has been my favourite movie for over 10 years! I’ve watched it many times. to add some movies that are good if you’re interested in philosophy in general: The Truman Show Shutter Island Dogville Dancer in the Dark Tree of Life Donnie Darko Memento Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind American Beauty Mulholland Drive Vanilla Sky Exam Twelve Monkeys Groundhog Day The Green Mile Pay It Forward Captain Fantastic Hap
  14. wilshirist

    The Candy Store Trauma

    Some of my worst traumatic memories might indeed be considered "mundane": - other kids laughing when I didn't know what "a hamburger" was - being left alone to finish a homework assignment that I couldn't figure out - mom telling me that a toy I wanted was "too expensive" and I couldn't have it There are too many people around belittling these experiences in their own lives and in the lives of others, not understanding the child's experience.
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