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  1. wilshirist

    Teal's Spirit Mineral

    I’m drawn to... - tanzanite. I picked a blue triangle cut tanzanite for my wedding ring, because it looked so mystical and beautiful. - red jasper. My yoni egg is red jasper and it was specifically picked for me by the maker, because she felt that I needed the energy. I would have picked amethyst or labradorite. - amethyst. I even got to mine an amethyst for myself from a natural mine. I love it because it’s purple and it feels like higher realms and spirituality to me. - labradorite. Because of the mysterious colour and vibe. - moonstone. Because it reminds me of elves in Lord of the Rings and I also want to be powerful and immortal and have peace of mind. - rose quartz because it’s pink and I love pink! It represents softness and nurture. - opals. I would love to know my spirit mineral! I feel like I found some of my spirit animals (rabbit, hyena, dragon) and plants (jasmine, lilac, oak) and now I’m a bit confused again because I’m not sure if those are right.
  2. wilshirist

    Best Book Ever

    I saw the documentary Jodorowsky’s Dune and it was very interesting but it didn’t make me want to read Dune, because it’s soooo long and also the story didn’t feel that interesting and also it seemed kind of nerdy, by which I mean dense and hard to understand. But now that I know that it’s your favourite, I definitely see it in a new light! My favourite book (series) of all time is Harry Potter. I love how masterful the plot is, and of course the world is just pure awesomeness. Another book I really love is Anastasia by Vladimir Megré. It spoke to my soul.
  3. wilshirist

    The Truth About Empaths

    Also, I believe that it helps to meet the need for safety.
  4. Breathing and mindfulness exercises are extremely powerful. Always classic.
  5. wilshirist

    Nurture Today

    I'm afraid you misunderstood. I know what nurture means. Nurture in Russian does not directly translate to "spoiling yourself". It is just the closest expression in meaning that I found. Also, there is a misconception about the word "spoil". In English, it means both "to give comfort, nurture and luxury" and "to ruin something or make it go bad". The positive meaning of "spoil" is highlighted by this quote, "Spoil yourself once in a while. Life is too short." In Russian there are two different words for those meanings. (Balovat' = pamper; isportit' = ruin.)
  6. wilshirist

    Nurture Today

    Oooh, thank you! Спасибо!
  7. wilshirist

    Nurture Today

    Same here. I couldn't easily translate it into Russian. If someone Russian speaking knows how, please tell me! I only found an expression that would translate to "spoil yourself", but it has quite negative connotation.
  8. The metaphor for the pain in my career is actually the story of The Ugly Duckling. A swan egg is lost among duck eggs and when they hatch, one of the ducklings is actually a little swan. But the other animals on the farm where this is happening don't know this and label him ugly. They bully him and he runs away. He almost dies several times and gets abused even more. Eventually he finds his tribe: other swans accept him and he gets to live happily with them, just as he is. In my career, I feel misunderstood, labeled and abused because of how I naturally am. I haven't found my tribe yet.
  9. wilshirist

    Tidying Up

    I had anxiety about mess today so I found this daily update, watched an episode of Marie Kondo and now I'm cleaning out my bathroom stuff! Just one thing, I can't get over how you said that you cleaned your whole house in less than a day?! Did I get that right? How is that possible?! So all categories? Clothes, books, kitchen, bathroom, papers, art supplies, interior design items, cat things, shoes and jewellery, insence, notebooks... All this in less than a day? Really? I'm just dying to watch an episode of Marie Kondo show where you are the one cleaning up. I wonder how it's the same as the other people on the show, and how it's different. If you are seeing this comment, could you please consider doing an Ask Teal episode on cleaning? What is cleaning, how to get into alignment with that, what are the common resistances to cleaning etc.
  10. wilshirist

    Childhood Story

    I had two movies: Cinderella and Mary Poppins. Cinderella is a girl who tries really hard and works her ass off and still she has to live in a dump and wear rags and she’s abused. In both movies there is a magical motherly figure who comes to the rescue, seems to be happy and carefree all the time and brings an element of ease and play. I really wanted some magic in my life. Creating whatever I would have wanted felt absolutely impossible as a child and NO ONE was helping me even a little. I was powerless. I’m an adult now and I’m still trying to create this in my life and now I’m way closer: a life where I’m enough and I deserve all the abundance and love and I deserve it as I am, don’t need to work for it.
  11. The incessant questioning of authority and telling them how it should be. Saying that this or that rule obviously doesn't apply to me or some other person. Basically seeing rules and the status quo as this flexible thing that anyone can bend to get what they want. Especially the culture where I live really doesn't approve of that. Already when I was a child, I was always questioning the teachers and what was taught. I didn't want to do as was told without a good argument as to why. I needed a good reason, a motivation. This personality trait gave me a reputation of being "difficult", and especially drove my parents crazy, I think, because I now have a lot of trauma around this.
  12. wilshirist


    It overwhelms me that almost every day I experience some sort of a conflict in a relationship. They cause me to feel rage and fear and hurt. It's just hurt on top of hurt on top of more hurt. And when I remove myself from them, it just happens again with someone else. And when I try to integrate, I just get stuck in powerlessness.
  13. wilshirist

    The Most Difficult

    The most difficult part of this situation for me is that I've had a life-long dream of going on a round the world trip, and now I'm afraid it's going to be much harder than it would have been before. Not to mention I might not be allowed to enter into some countries.
  14. wilshirist

    Teal's Resistance

    I feel resistant to integrating the point of view of another person when that other person is doing nothing to understand my point of view. It feels like it's my responsibility to do it all and I'm already too burdened in my life as it is.
  15. wilshirist

    Guaranteed Happiness

    It’s very tempting, but it’s actually very important to me that I create my own happiness, not that some nano-particle does it for me. Plus, if I felt happy all the time, I’d get used to it and wouldn’t feel happy any more. People needs the ups and downs to feel happy.
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