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  1. Tibor

    I did have that too year ago. Had to get used to all stuff happening by itself. Some experiences were puzzeling at that time but they were beautiful in a way, hard to discribe. Its is now stable in the sense that I dont get tears at any given time I see/hear/feel something because of the fact that I put to much intense awareness on something. I had to become used a bit to the potentiality of awareness if it is just awareness without the harresments of thoughts or past or future illusions and its very quiet. All I put awareness on manifests pretty fast without any effort or a second thought. It feels like magic sometimes. And one other thing I noticed is that time is kinda gone. A year feel like a second or I guess even a billion years would feel that way. But thats fine cause all there is is now and thats much more than I had before. I even cannot say that iam in the present cause that would implay that there is past and future and that doesnt fit the experience. But all in all it blew my mind and still does.
  2. Tibor

    yea overview is not optimal turned into trash can
  3. Tibor

    DMT is much more powerfull as LSD or muchrooms. Dmt or 5meo-dmt kick you almost instandly out of the ego into oneness, This is for almost all dmt trips the same experience doesnt matter who takes it. Time 30 to 45 min LSD trips are much more colorfull and different for each person. Time takes a lot longer Mushroom too have different trips depends on amount and ego how deep the trips ganna be. Time 4 to 6 hours. Ayahuasca cleans the body posibility to have to go true have trauma's. Lot will vommit or shit. Its said that the ayahuasca shows you what needs to be shown. Time a whole night. But before you do any off this do your own reasearch specialy with 5meo-DMT (see forum Leo Guru) or youtube. Always with a buddy, save place, dpnt mix with alcohol or drug or medication no illness or hart problems. Check purity. And make a plan what you like to explore spiritual. If bad trip and want out of it drink water with lots of sugar. By 5meo-dmt you will have to commit to the feeling of dieing totaly. If you resist you wil have a very bad time. Ayahuasca thats done in a retraid or centre. I recommend first Ayahuasca. Than mushrooms LSD. And 5Meo-DMT last. Take time between trips of 3 to 6 weeks. So rest you find on the net.
  4. Tibor

    I think its not possible to to love someone or something because we are pure love. Because we are all one we are everything so from non-duality its only a percieving. But its not a feeling or sensation because you are it. You are the love there is no duality. Its a very dificult subject to explain in words cause all words used are a lie to what it wants to describe. Its not even describing something cause its everything and nothing at the same time.
  5. Tibor

    Soul The energetic, immaterial aspect of a living thing which is constant as it takes on different embodiments. Though a soul seems in and of itself a “thing”, it is instead an essence. It is conscious energy. Thats the definition of Teal
  6. I think it was about interest cause thats not aloud. if you get a loan they should take an amout of the money lent. not as it is now lending and on top of that paying interest. Cause thats the reason the monotairy system doesnt work never ever. Because if you should lent the first 1 dollar that comes in exsitence and you have to pay back 2 thats impossible. If we now pay all the debts we have we will annahilated all the money and still ahve a huge debt. its insane.
  7. Tibor

    Can you elaborate over how do you see reincarnating precieze.
  8. It can sometimes heavy issues comeup which are supressed a long time. It can also make someone who's shy become much more daring and open. But in all cases it loosens the grip of the ego. A lot drink because of the suffering so the have a break from it. It will come back twice as hard but they dont worry about that when they are drunk.
  9. Tibor

    To make others wrong is in my opinion not helpfull to the cause we are working. Even if the others have a different viewpoint they have the same intention. So if we start separationness even under the spirituality teachers and guides than we could as wel stop in our attempt to raise every ones vibration. So it will make a differents in the future of earth and the human race. And secondly it is in ones own interest to view aspects of spirituality from as many perspectives as he can get. So he can make the knowledge his own instead of a believe because someone says it is.
  10. Guess its not such a light and easy subject to answer or to give some info on. Whats you view on it Walt? To me it has to do with the LoA but thats just an explanation on a frequentie level. But as to why that happens one should do some soul searching and see if one can find out more about connections/feelings/emotions/hidden goals or whatever comes up that is resonating with that name or person.
  11. People wouldnt reject you because of increase of ernergy/vibrational level that should attrackt them actualy. What can cause rejection is if you explain or tell them things what is not in their reality. This creates a distance. You have 3 things that make up a the level or closeness of a relation. Which are communication, affinity and reality. The more real it is to the other one the better he or she understands it. The easier it is to talk the closer one feels. But all 3 depend on each other if one fails or deteriorates the relationship will be less The other site increase reality increases communication and affinity increases closer relationship
  12. Tibor

    I use silverwater.
  13. Tibor

    No problem very please that it expanded your awareness. There is also a book i have read about bateria and toxins. That when they came across eye deceases the always found wood alcohol and 3/4 different bacteria. The body cant do much about that because i cant process wood alcohol and for the bacteria thats thier food. The bateria the body cant kill in the eyes is because there is not enough blood flow. That the reason we have tears to clean it but tears dont kill bateria like white blood cells. Thats from a pure phsical point of view
  14. Tibor

    Your welcome m8