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  1. Leighton gill


    Overwhelmed by my desires. I’m a fantastical Dreamer
  2. Leighton gill

    Own People

    The pain is, I know Im committed to her (because that means to commit to myself) but she’s not acknowledging my existence. Im an existential sucker. I loose. Defective Doll. I belong to someone who exists without me. I’m angry. and im almost sure what im saying isnt true. That she thinks about me constantly and her parents aren't letting her talk to me. I need to take responsibility for myself. im at the empty watering hole and i feel like im betraying myself if i choose another. Damned if I stay damned if I leave. My eternal world is irrelevant in this universe. edit: I know she loves me i just wish love felt different.
  3. Leighton gill

    Own People

    Im still fixated on someone who hasn't spoken to me in 4 years. I’m in a lose-lose, where I don’t even want to get over her but I also don’t know how to forgive her for the abandonment.. When I was two my dad gained custody over my twin bro and I and we saw our mom every other weekend. This is now repeating with the one I love. Im arrogant enough to believe we’ll be together again but fvck. Im permanently disfigured. Im negotiating with the universe through suicide sometimes. I can’t hate her for this. Because then I have to admit that I dont love her. It’s important to acknowledge this is her free will. Just like how my mom had excuses (seemingly perfect excuses) i want someone who will never have an excuse to not choose me. But even then, that dream can only be half fulfilled because I resent every moment I cant feel my “other”. losing the religion (of her/myself) is not easy and if im being honest im already doomed. This relationship is already doomed. I cant forgive god for not being here. The Rationalization of Suffering even if I arrive at heaven, why was I apart from it ??
  4. Leighton gill

    Christmas Stories

    Last Christmas I felt so far into my heart and I felt belonging and love. I haven't talked to them in a while and don't know if I'll ever see her again.
  5. Do you put Arctic fox in your hair?
  6. I don't know how to approve of her giving up on what she wanted at the end
  7. Lame. Give me a universe with better laws God. One with no pain. Figure it out.
  8. Leighton gill

    Tennis Mecca

    ? Can't wait to read this whole post later. We totally support you. If you want it we want it.
  9. Leighton gill

    Feeling the Feelings

    I't says this was posted 2 days before today??? Time Weilder https://tealswan.com/paintings/the-time-wielder/
  10. Hahah yes! I was Homeless for a year. And now I live in intentional community.
  11. Leighton gill

    Are You Ready?

    Get teal on the trending page of youtube or a late night talk show
  12. Teal should do an episode on how to get out of homelessness
  13. Leighton gill

    Toxic Masculinity

    Another razor company should make a commercial where a guy is shaving and then a women walks by and says, " are you going to be a good person today?" (the tone of voice is important) And then the guy doesn't know how to respond to her suggestive question. End commercial. Never forget how much someone doesn't love you
  14. Leighton gill

    Toxic Masculinity

    I'm glad you could tell me this. It really means a lot. This also means a lot.
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