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  1. Leighton gill


    This was a gift
  2. I throw a fit. I get mad at 'God' or 'the fundamental nature of the universe' .
  3. Leighton gill


    Pessimism and despair
  4. Leighton gill

    A Closed Door

    My futility is in the fact that i can’t give up
  5. Teal, PLZZ PLz plz watch the Anime: Food Wars. It's not Vegan but you might like it.
  6. Leighton gill

    The Candy Store Trauma

    What do you think of the "what would you do" TV show? That would be an interesting daily update.
  7. Leighton gill

    Purpose Quote

    Maybe the world is as coherent as we want it to be... but i totally triangulated you until you said that last part.
  8. When people play 0 sum games with you however
  9. This cleaned my chakra
  10. I guess it’s good if it’s not a coping mechanism.
  11. This is wholesome. I still am not convinced there is something wrong with sugar.
  12. Leighton gill


    Defund the Police
  13. Leighton gill

    Call To Action

    Thought toddler thing messes me up. I figured we were naturally attuned. We are naturally psychopaths.
  14. Leighton gill

    React VS Respond

    Thank God for Avatar the Last Airbender. Also I just bought an IPad

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