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  1. @Crystal Rob You do call yourself "Crystal" Rob so I figure you knew about crystals, and I was right! I think the Crystal Bible will suit me well. I actually thought about how Teal would play with the crystals from the crystal table in the early workshops (or only NZ?), and I want that too. I think that would be very calming. There was something else that I've wanted to ask you so I write a PM.
  2. Introduction to Crystals I would like to learn about crystals. What can you recommend as a first introduction to crystals? And @Crystal Rob your alias begs the question Can you recommend any learning resources? It is alright if a book or whatever that comes to mind for you is particularly dense. Whenever the author just writes from a "knowing" of principles, I tend to learn very rapidly. There is this distinction I want to share with you. I imagine that if you have decades of experience with spirituality, you understand already. It is like when I look some people in the eyes, I see mastery. I see this with Teal and a very few others. Do you know what I mean? My only criteria is that if possible I want to learn about crystals from an author who is like that. The reason I've developed this interest is because I want to own a crystal that can feel like "serenity" or "vibrance" to me. Maybe I want to be able to make my space feel more like however I want to feel, and perhaps crystals can help. I came to remember now; When I was 4-5, I would care about stones a lot. I think that was very helpful at the time.
  3. Can you cope with consciousness?
  4. A thing that came up for me is one principle of Nutrition; If some food tastes bad then it is harmful to the body. Most people don't align their actions with this principle. It would be like a slap in the face for most parents, I imagine. I remember I stopped that when I internalized my parents' belief that waste is bad. It can be the case that some food tastes good because the body needs that food for emotional rather than merely physical reasons. For example, you can illuminate this principle for yourself by Chewing one bite thoroughly for perhaps several minutes Eating the same food in many different conditions; when full, hungry, sick, etc. Swallowing your food for several consecutive meals while paying attention to the body (Dry) fasting and emerging yourself in any arising feelings of hunger (/thirst) Also if any of you actually try to do any of what I just mentioned then please say so and maybe share your experiences. Usually, I've found that people just go "yeah, yeah, I agree or disagree" when I talk, and then nothing, and then I often reply with different ways to experience that for themselves (aka "bridges"), and then they don't do what I say.
  5. Ask your friend... My conclusion after experimenting with inedia is that nutrition only exists as our beliefs about it. If you like to eat pizza for breakfast, and I could ever argue in a scientific way that this was unhealthy, and you were convinced to change your behavior then you made me into an expert... Btw if I could choose, I would have loved to live on vegan pizza for a very long time as a child
  6. Yes! And, like Buddha said, the consequence of being angry is the experience of anger. I tried to say that in the reward/punishment thread. Must be ironic...
  7. I'm not knowledgeable in the field dentistry, but feel like I could contribute a few things. Personally, I would never touch any non-holistic modalities for healing. Consider this, If she has manifested tooth problems then there are probably specific dynamics at play that I don't know. If you focus on the physical sensation of pain then the pain will always evaporate. Any pain sensation not only ceases to be bothersome – that sensation will not exist. Remember that this skill doesn't actually heal anything..
  8. It isn't belief. I wouldn't say that reward/punishment applies to my perspective in the sense that my experience of integrity is reward, and disintegration is punishment.
  9. In my case, I can't break my word. If I tell someone that I do X then I have no choice about it; X will be done. Living any other way ... seems ridiculous because who would I then be? Accountability has nothing to do with reward or punishment. The consequence of lying is my very experience of who I am. It occurred to me that letting others down is a whole new level of I-don't-care that I haven't known before. At a time, I remember the act of giving my word virtually became a way of controlling myself so I ceased to do that as much. @notfromthisplanet @Mark Joseph Middleton How do you experience apathy? What is your life like?
  10. I've listened to this one twice, Jim Carrey is bar none my favorite comedian. PLUS! he knows who he is which is even better. Normally, I find consciousness isolating; like I speak, and no one listens. But when Jim Carrey speaks and no one understands, he makes it funny! Edit: Sunrise cuts and doesn't show the whole Fashion Week interview. It leaves the rest of the interview here,
  11. At first I didn't want to answer this question, but lately I've been more active on the forum since I don't have a whole lot to do in my everyday life. Anyway, here I go. Well.. If I gave the answer, I'm not sure you would understand. A few considerations. Apparently, VERY few people have psychic abilities in the distinct forms that we know; astral projection, lucid dreaming, channeling, perceiving energy fields, telepathy, and so on, since few in even the Teal community do, and as I grew up this was never spoken about in the media nor by a single person among the hundreds I met. None would speculate about the implications of psychic abilities given you were psychic to any distinct degree. Yesterday, I tried to show a friend what the nature of skill is. Apparently, very few people develop true skill in their fields because most don't already know what I say. I suspect they stop at competency. The nature of skill is experience. Look at this object. What is it? TABLE! Easy! And your aura is pink See? This is a chair — and that is algebra. Did you know that kid in class for whom say whatever, the subject doesn't matter, is just kind-of easy? I assert that easy is because of experience; like the interpretation of what is perceived as chair is easy; there is no difference. No, the principle isn't more or less disguisable in one field than another, say soft social sciences and hard sciences. It came up that I don't want to be an authority on anything. Just because I answer in a definite style please don't shut down and stop contributing your own perspectives. Also don't discard or attack what I assert until you understand for yourself. I'm curious too. What exactly did you do and experience? What can be developed through what meditation?
  12. Movies! I was thinking about what movies I really like that few have seen. If I could recommend only one, probably Dead Poets Society ( But I feel like that I need to mention A Brighter Summer Day ( and 12 Angry Men ( too. Even though I'm also a huge fan of Marvel and dark comedy
  13. I feel like I just had a major breakthrough that I want to share. For some time, I have really wanted to die. It is like I live in this whole world that no others can see. When I talk, no others listen – even if they try to look like they do. It is shutdown. If they just said, "I don't want to listen," then I could respect their honesty. I've often marveled at the fact that I can sit at the dinner table in such misery while others laugh. All that separates us is a wall a few inches thick. I bleed because I pick my skin, and you sleep. Recently, I've tried to tell my relatives when I'm in pain directly. The result is this strange nothingness that is difficult to articulate concisely. Humans can go fuck themselves. I will refuse to speak to those who will not hear. This feels strangely good. May this world crumble, and I won't speak against your choices that I disagree with. I wonder about Teal. I've experienced that I offer my help and guidance to others, and some people turn against me. Now I'm. Alright. Goodbye.
  14. Maybe 15-20. I don't know that being conscious tends to erode a desire for having children. I also don't know if that is the case with being integrated. What you want do for your own children is beautiful. For a clearer discussion, I would like to differentiate between the established social system, aka the (social) matrix, and what is referred as the process of awakening, aka consciousness work or whatever. Enlightenment is a direct experience of what is true; it has nothing to do with escaping any matrix. Regarding the existing matrix... When I look into this matter, I must say that such a social system of human enslavement seems unlikely to be the product of biological evolution. This system is way too everywhere. The people who designed the matrix MUST be formally trained in consciousness work. which is just scary. or similar disciplines not shared as public knowledge.