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  1. Amalishious

    New York Workshop 2014 - 2/2

    Teal really showed off her high level of skill with this session, wow, mind blown! love it! So many amazing insights! Yay!
  2. Dear Teal, would really appreciate more information regarding teeth and also gums as well! Seems that we have a gum problem in our genetics and most family members suffering with gum disease. Can't wait for the root chakra episode! definatly interested and in hot anticipation of! Thank you Teal, for it all! All the best in Chicago to you and all who attend!!
  3. Amalishious

    Tea Time With Teal

    I can't hear the name of the tea Teal says either - does anyone know what teas she mentions please?
  4. Totally agree with you Teal!! Yes old Star Wars the best!! Nat Portman, Ewan etc such an embarrassment! Get on to that Gracie!! Need to watch Star Wars!!! xxoxo
  5. This is great! I just saw the latest Halloween costume which is popular this year, the "Tired Mummy"!! relates to this discussion perfectly! Go synchronisity!!
  6. Hi Blake and Team Just wanted to check about the high cholesterol question. It seemed that Teal answered as she thought it was high blood pressure. Can you please confirm this for me. Am very interested in the high cholesterol answer. Loving the time stamps for this workshop also! so so helpful!! Mwah! With thanks, A.
  7. Kitty C I won't know anyone there so if you wanted to meet up during the workshop let me know (-:
  8. Yes, I got an email with the details 12 days ago.
  9. OMG! can actually say I'm going to be there for this one!!! beyond excited, super fun happy slide thrilled!!!!
  10. Amalishious

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to you from Christmas morning in Australia!!
  11. Yes amazing workshop once again! thank you all!! Can't wait for you to come back to Australia bring on 2018!!!
  12. Looking forward to this blog! Thank you Teal! Speaking of randomly asked questions, all I want to know is who actually shot JFK?
  13. Amalishious

    Moon Cycle

    moon cycle or moon circle?
  14. Amalishious


    Thanks CR for you comments. I don't live in America or the northern hemisphere and have travelled to 3rd world countries and lived in others. Have seen some abuse and violence in my own life so was questioning why I feel compelled to watch this particular show when I don't watch any tv and don't like violence.
  15. Hi Crytstal Rob Just wanted to say thank you for your time and concern with your comments. Much appreciated! namaste coming your way!
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