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  1. Zsuzsi

    Lianne offered instant and much needed help right after a major trauma of loosing one of my best friend due to a freak accident. I still cannot express my deep gratitude for her gentle and unconditional presence and the sensitivity I received during these times blurred with grief and shock. She was very flexible in terms of what we did, taking my lead, listening to my needs, and her guidance assisted me to be able to reconnect with the world and most of all, with myself. Thank you, Lianne$
  2. Zsuzsi

    My session with David was deep and delightful -- a unique combination of qualities that warmed my heart, healed my body, and created new ‘thinking frequencies’ at the same time. His deep and genuine interest in my process and his unconditional presence were already healing modalities that I could sense from the very first moment to the last. His patience and understanding allowed me to be honest and vulnerable, and in my opinion that was the perfect ground on which he built a blend of his very own special healing techniques and other methods, all tailored to the needs of my process. Humor and practical advice were also parts of this lovely journey. I am still excited about all the things I learned from him.