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  1. Argo Erit

    Hi, I think most we can get right now is Czech Republic, or Sweden/Norway . But you never know maybe there is time where we can get into Estonia also:). Should be interesting to know Teal's view of Estonian's overall vibrations
  2. Argo Erit

    HI, i don't know how relevant my post is for this topic. But may someone is interested. My experience: I was between sleep and vibrational stage and then like waking up, i was in my parents small garden house where i slept that night due hot weather. And then i realize something is different and lucid dream or something exactly don't no. but i pictured my hands like this And i managed to embed some other picture to there besides "dream" reality, and i was conscious or semi-conscious at that time. Was interesting. .. lot of flying , beautiful nature , fast sprinting, moving things with my mind( at least it seems to be that, if i take into account that i's about focusing then we focus ourselves into reality where current movement is happening), these are my main experiences. But i also have experienced that, about if i am aware in my dreams, i wake up, but more and more experiences further i managed to go.
  3. Argo Erit

    Hi. I am from Estonia. Nice to meet you all:)
  4. Argo Erit

    Because i'm myself web developer and i'm wildly interested in spiritualism and self freedom then is nice when you go to spiritual teacher website what feels like home. Dark black have for in my eyes too much contrast and hard to read text. But now with this color feels very smooth and nice So big thanks to you @Kirk for trying out that color scheme.
  5. Argo Erit

    Hello, All what i am writing is just in my opinion and preference. So because of you are using dark background then will it be nicer to use lighter color tones. I also added an image where i quickly did one example. color code is "#2C3038". I also did logo same background color to fit overall color scheme. In my preference if to do dark scheme then i prefere this. Best Wishes Argo, And good luck with your website (Y)