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  1. Rain 369

    I've been seeing a lot of 1111 and 444.
  2. Rain 369

    If you are feeling this way, then don't do it. As for why she is doing this I really can't say. Relationships seldom go well afterwords unless the couple are really mutually interested in a 3 way and are either totally committed to each other or are accepting of sharing their partner.
  3. Is this really a relationship that you would want to pursue if they unfriended you because you didn't reply when they wanted you to? This a big ole red flag. If something like this ends relationship, then the relationship was not really there to begin with. Learn from this and move.
  4. Rain 369

    So what is w/ everyone's obsession w/ the collapse of society!? This is all fear based thinking. If it happens it happens & there won't be a damn thing anyone can do it about. Forget about enlightened communities developing, It will be all about survival and you can kiss you vegan diet good by because we'll be lucky to have 1 meal a day. Wouldn't it be better thinking of how our daily actions towards each other improve the world one small act at a time. Think in terms the butterfly effect. The universe is eternal and in our present form we need the illusion of time to make some sense of eternity. Maybe this is why I don't freak out "the collapse" because more than likely or more like 99.999% it will not happen in any of our life time's. Focus on the now and make this moment count.
  5. Rain 369

    IMO the vid was total mind fuck. There is duality throughout life and it is up to the individual how to choose to learn from every experience in life. There is no positive without the negative. How would we know joy without experiencing misery. The level of enlightenment that Teal is is beyond what many of us will experience. This level is that of the Christ consciousness. So I'm stuck in the 1st stage of enlightenment. IDK, don't care but I'm happy. Is that OK? . Guess right now I'm w/ MJ Middleton: So in my next incarnation I will save the world. For now I will stick w/ the words of Gandhi, to change the world change your self.
  6. Rain 369

    Firstly I would like to state that I am an American who was raised in a Christian household. Granted I do not have a full scope of knowledge in geo politics it is my opinion that the reason that we have all the turmoil in the Middle East is because of the creation of the state of Israel. No one religion is superior to another. In fact millions of all faiths have died in the name of religion The great message of all the prophets have been of peace, love and compassion for all of humanity and to bring one back to Source/God. It is a sad fact the 'leaders" of the faiths have perverted the the truth and have caused death and destruction in the name of God. We all deserve respect and love above all else.
  7. Rain 369

    Happy, so now WTF? So this is my story. I get the parking lot at where work. I walk in and BAM. Holy shit like I feel soooo fucking happy! I wanted to share it w/ the world, wanted everyone in the world to feel this way. Still now I fell this way. It's like a high. Never been one to say that the world is full of rainbows and unicorns. So now WTF do I do? What is this? Why is it? How do I keep it going? Or shouldn't I question it and keep rollin' w/ it? Peace
  8. Rain 369

    Well my friend we will be our demise and nature will restore balance to the planet. As for now we can it is up the individual to act and live responsibly. It is like Gandhi said to change the world is to change our selves.
  9. I am not the body. I am not the mind. First off I am not nearly enlightened enough to have thought of this. However I however found by practicing Isha Kryia meditation has given my more peace, insight and courage than anything else. The past and future do matter. NOW is is the only moment that counts That all I got. Be strong, be brave, be blessed.
  10. Rain 369

    HI Nate, Just finished watching the video also and IMO this process of integrating all of our aspects is/will be a life long process. There are lessons to be learned from all of our experiences. When there is a very difficult point in our life this is where the best lessons are learnt and the most growth will come from. Without the negative there is no positive. Also we reflect the energy we put forth. If we project positive energy that is what will be given back to you. All of this is a choice on how you wish to accept the experience. Hope this helps. Be strong , be fearless, be blessed.
  11. Rain 369

    What difference does it make because we are eternal. We are here in the physical for X amount of time before we move on.
  12. Rain 369

    Oh God I am so sick of of the vegan, vegetarian vs eating meat BS! IMO everything is divine. If you're vegan you are still killing life, like it or not. How do you think we came to posses our big brains? By eating meat. Your diet in no way shape or form reflects how spiritual you are or how far along your path you are. I know my opinion is the minority & I will be criticized for this, but it makes no difference to me. So if you do decide to continue to eat meat, make it a lean protein.
  13. Rain 369

    Humanity as at exist now is a cancer to the planet.
  14. Rain 369

    Hey Pastor G, "You are not what you feel or think, but a beautiful wondrous child of the ultimate universe growing into an experience of the universe who became you. ENJOY!" Absolutely beautiful words and truth!
  15. Rain 369

    My view is that we learn from the universe, we have nothing to teach the universe as it is all that has been, is, and will be. We are here to experience the universe in a psychical form and learn so that once our materiel self expires we take what we have learned in this reality to the next and expand and we continue this expansion until we unite w/ source or God.